1. M

    Outdoor tiles, edges against walls

    Hi Part of our garden is tiled, and there are a few steps up to the lawn. There is a gap between the floor tiles and the walls, you can probably just about see the gap in the attached picture (ignore debris and poor lighting). The gap, narrow as it is, exists all around the area at the...
  2. T

    How to fill gaps in parquet flooring

    I have put a small amount of parquet flooring down for the first time. It looks really nice, but annoyingly has a few small gaps around where the border and other pieces meet. What is the best way to fill these gaps so it is not noticable? I am reading that mixing sawdust with PVA is a big...
  3. S

    Acceptable gap between Marley roman roof tiles

    We just had our roof completely renewed from the boarding outwards, including re-tiling with marley roman roof tiles. I noticed, especially in the valleys, some big gaps between tiles not resting on the grove of the adjacent tile. You'll see on the photos a couple of these tiles where I can put...
  4. R

    How to fill large gaps at bottom of plasterboard wall

    So I just had a new chipboard floor glued and screwed in after adding noggins and levelling the joists. There are gaps between the edge of the chipboard and the blockwork, up to 15mm. There is a gap between the dot and dab wall and the new floor of up to 40mm high amd 30mm deep and also the void...
  5. H

    How to fix MASSIVE gaps between stairs and wall?

    Our house is almost 200 years old and the stairs is the original with a lot of repairs. As you can see in the picture there are massive gaps between the wall and the stairs. How do I fix this?
  6. M

    Mortar washed out from between the bricks?

    Hi, I have recently lowered the ground level at the front of the property and discovered that the 'mortar has been washed out' over the years? Or has it? Are there supposed to be gaps or should I fill them? Would normal mortar mix be OK to do it? Thank you in advance.
  7. GoodOne

    Wood filler on stairs to be stain

    Hi All, I would appreciate if anyone could advise me on what sort of filler would be the best to fill up those gaps between the stairs? Btw, I plan to strip off the paint and stain it. .
  8. C

    Fix Victorian bedroom floors before laying carpet - skirting and floorboard gaps

    Hi guys, I need to fix three bedroom floors in a Victorian house (circa 1890) before carpet is laid. In each room there are gaps around the skirting, main bedroom has most of these filled but looks unsightly with cracks etc. another has a few filled and the remaining one has none filled. Some...
  9. F

    Filling holes around pipework - radiator

    Hi, Please see photo attached. I have a large hole surrounding the pipework behind one of my bedroom radiators. What's the best method of filling this hole. Am I okay to use that expanding foam? Appreciate any advice.
  10. J

    roof joists spacing for OSB

    Hi, going nuts here a bit. I'm trying to do the dims for my garden office and am doing 5x2 roof joists with firring strips on top for the pitch. I am doing 400mm centres, but this does not seem to work to get the end of the OSB (1220x2440) to end on half the joist. I've read somewhere you do...
  11. O

    Gap between main house and extension (Victorian)

    I have a gap between my main house and double storey extension. Although I call it an extension I think it has been there since the house was built as every house on the street has the same layout. The gap is even all the way through and it is not wider at the top than the bottom. I wanted some...
  12. L

    Bird in the

    Since we moved in starlings have always nested under the tiles however this spring they have managed to work their way into the loft. I am on having the tiles refitted by a roofer and the cement reworks so there is no gaps plus install an eaves comb filler. Question is after doing all that will...
  13. T

    Cigarette smoke from next door

    Hi there. We've got a problem with cigarette smoke coming from our neighbours house, we live in a terraced cottage. Every night when they come home we start to smell smoke after a while in our living room, we don't actually see smoke but can distinctly smell cigarette smoke. Not pleasant as...