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    Pitched roof on top of old flat roof

    Had a leak from upstairs downpipe so fitted a new rubber boss. First time popping my head into garage roof hatch since moving in. See photos I’m thinking of tearing the remains of the garage flat roof out and insulating and boarding for storage. Will I be ok removing the short vertical...
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    Mould appearing on garage ceiling

    Hello, We have mould appearing on the internal plywood of our garage roof in the past few weeks during the colder/wetter weather. I wondered if anyone could give an insight into why this might be happening? The mould appears between every joist front to back, mainly appearing from the edges but...
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    Tarp tent over leaking garage roof.

    My flat garage roof has been leaking and lack of funds means I'm having to tarp it. I have a load of old bricks so I was thinking of loose-laying a couple of courses down the centre then putting the tarp over thus forming a tent. The idea is that the tarp will last longer as any rainwater...
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    Flat Felt Roof

    Hello all, I have a flat felt roof Garage, which is in the middle of a large block. There’s a substantial amount of water ponding on top in a bottom corner. (I cleared this today along with cleaning out the guttering) There’s no guttering at the rear where the ponding is, only at the front so...
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    Repair or replace concrete garage roof beams

    Looking at renovating my garage in the near future, however I've no idea how serious the cracking in some of the concrete roof beams are. It's an old concrete sectional garage (no idea how old), and some of the beams have crumbled to the point which the rods are exposed and rusting. I've not...
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    corrugated roof construction

    Project is to replace a damaged, leaking flat garage roof. The roof consists of a thin fibreglass layer supported by OSB panels, which in turn rest on purlins and joists. The roof doesn't drain properly and the fibreglass has cracked, leading to the underlying OSB rotting. The joists were...
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    Flat garage roof - deck required?

    I'm planning on replacing my existing asbestos roof with a steel box profile 0.7mm roof sheets. I'm going to install joists every 50 cm to support the structure. The roof has a very low pitch (about 5 degrees). I know that for such a low pitch, a timber deck is required for some types of roof...
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    How much overlap for joining 6x2 roof joist over steel beam

    Hi all, so im doing my flat garage roof and need to join the joists over the steel beam and just trying to find out how much overlap you need, is a total 600mm join ok ? so 300mm eitherway from where the arrow is on the picture Also can they be screwed together or do they need to be bolted with...
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    Do i need this support beam on my flat roof?

    Hi, I am in the process of renovating a home gym where I live and i really want to plaster board this ceiling and remove the central beam to make it a flat surface. Does anyone know if I would be ok to take this beam out? The width is 4 meters and its a flat roof with felt on it. thanks,
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    Corrugated garage roof to flat

    Hi Everyone, First post so please be kind :-) Seeking some advice to change my corrugated roof to a flat felt system. My garage is joined to the neighbours. Currently the plan is to remove the roofing sheets, add a new lintel over the garage opening, add strengthing battons every 4ft to the...
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    Garage Roof - How to fit OSB3

    I need to replace Garage Roof, am going for EPDM, the existing doof boards are shot. Looking at OSB3 for the roof, but never done this before, whats the best way to fit this? Should I go for the tongue and groove type and glue joins with PVA? OR Should I just cut OSB3 to fit the joists...