1. goldielocks

    Zinsser Gardz as wood primer?

    Can anyone tell me if i can use Zinnser Gardz as a primer on cheap bare timber doors in prep for waterbased gloss?
  2. goldielocks

    Plaster repair prep for Gardz before emulsion painting

    Hi Recently fell victim to a cowboy skimmer who used Thistle Multifinish & intend to use Gardz as no doubt there will be PVA through the plaster knowing my luck. Taking no chances hence the Gardz. I will then apply Johnstones black WB matt emulsion. I intend to patch/repair scratches in...
  3. E

    Peeling paint in kitchen and bathroom - Peel Stop and Perma-White combo to fix?

    Hi there I'm dealing with peeling paint in two rooms. The kitchen was painted prior to us moving in using Armistead Trade Contract Matt, which I believe should really only be used as a mist coat. The stuff stains easily and wipes straight off the wall. I painted over that with Leyland...
  4. W

    Wall paper paste removal before painting - Zinsser Gardz

    Hello everybody! I’ve just removed peeling lining paper from the walls of my living room and I’m now left with quite a lot of paste residue on the walls. I’ve just about resigned myself to steaming/scraping/sugar soaping the paste off as best as possible but just noticed a product that might...