1. A

    Pergola anchored in tall planters

    Hi, is it possible/safe to screw 4 tall planters to decking and concrete in posts for a pergola? Said pergola will be approx 2.5x4 & 2.5 tall.
  2. cwhaley

    Gazebo Overhang

    I built a decked area with a gazebo above it. I laid 18mm ply on the top with felt which lips over the edges by about 6". Unfortunately I didn't calculate the overhang right. As a result of this, driving rain gets into the gazebo from all sides. Currently it's soaking wet. I'm a bit gutted about...
  3. cwhaley

    Floating Deck - Plan

    After slabbing an area at the bottom of my garden, this area has been vastly improved. The recent week of non-stop rain would have flooded the area in the past, but with the new patio and drainage with soakaway there isn't so much as a puddle. Unfortunately there's an area of about 14 ft by...