glow worm 30c

  1. Catalin16

    Glow worm Betacom 30 c bar light

    Put pressure up to 1.6 ..still doesnt’t start . 60 bar light keeps going on and off Any help please ?
  2. O

    Low bar pressure glow worm 30c

    Hi! Please can someone give any tips on increasing the bar pressure? I can't find anything on the boiler version we have and I also can't find the loop that usually resolves this!
  3. Connor1995

    Nest Thermostat - Gloworm ultimate 30c

    Hi all! I recently purchased a nest thermostat to accompany my gloworm ultimate 30c combi boiler. I originally wired the heat link to the drawing supplied with the instructions supplied with the nest but that didn’t seem to work and my boiler would only turn on once I went past the set limit...
  4. TheSirSpence

    Nest with Glow Worm Betacom 30c

    SOLUTION: The solution is the following: Could not have come up with it without the help of @ianmcd Hi all, I have had my boiler switched out from an very old (1990s) boiler to a Glow Worm 30c. I had a Nest configured on this by an official installer, I believe he used the Y Plan...