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    Waste pipe flowing wrong direction?

    Hi guys, So I’m desperately after some advice! Since moving into our house a few years ago the sewer pipes always get blocked. We’ve had professionals clean them but they still clog up after a few months. What I believe to be happening is my waste pipes are not on a steep enough gradient and/or...
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    Mono pitched roof ... possible

    Hi, I got a kitchen extension which is 5 meter long and currently has flat roof (which I am sick and tired of it as its leaking all the time + it looks ugly). So I was thinking about replacing it with mono pitched roof but I am not sure given the meaurement if its possible. Length of the...
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    Driveway: Level and Gradient and Sleepers Advice needed

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone would be able to give me some advice. So I'm redoing my driveway, with the aim to gravel it with some gravel stabilised grids. I'm halfway through compacting the Mot type 1 primary sub base. The drive way is on a a slightly gradient and runs away from...
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    Gradient limits on branch pipes ?

    Part H table 2 & diag 3. Gradient limits for unvented branch pipes. I understand the reason to put a maximum gradient on - to avoid unsealing traps. (eg washbaisin on 40mm can achieve maximum of 3M on 18mm/M) Is is correct to assume that if the pipe must turn completely vertical for part of a...