1. C

    Weird French doors with window handle and standard door handle...

    Hi, I've moved into a property and I have French doors at the back of the property with a window handle on one door and a standard door handle on the other.... Is this normal practice ? If not, is it possible to replace the window door handle with a standard door handle to correct the...
  2. Niallwhelan95

    Does anyone know if this Handle is fixable? Pics incl.

    Hi guys, Our backdoor patio (backdoor) handle has progressively been getting worse. anytime someone pulls in the door to close, the handle will come off (shown in one of the photos). All we can do right now is jiggle it back in. the door is either a double glazed or triple glazed glass panels...
  3. phykell

    UPVC Door Handle - Unusual Size?

    Hi, I need to replace some patio/french door (UPVC) handles. I've tried looking for an identical replacement but I can't find anything of a suitable size. Here's the measurements as best as I can determine: All centres, e.g. lock centre, spindle centre, etc. Lock to Spindle - 92mm Top screw...
  4. J

    How to remove this window handle

    Hi All, I have this very awkward window handle which doesnt seem to have any screws connecting it onto the frame (see below) Any ideas how i would take this off to replace???
  5. Nicolafrey

    Help with door handle

    Hey :) need some help with these handles! Ordered some new ones but not able to get the old ones off ha! All I've done is remove the screws but have no idea how to take the handle off or anything! Hope the pictures are clear enough!! Would appreciate any advice :) Thank you!! :) 20161008_215515...
  6. H

    Replacing interior door handles

    Hi all - I have 11 interior doors and I want to change all the handles. My question is really about sizing - having shied away from all types of DIY I think I could do this one ;) but do I just simply order some from the Internet or do I have to be aware of sizing? For example, the ones I have...