1. M

    What can I mix with rubble to make a hardcore base ??

    So I have bought a metal shed and have some 60cmx 60cm reinforced slabs to lay… My plan was to do a hardcore mix (whacker plate) followed by a dry mix and slabs… However for the hardcore mix what I plan to reuse lots of old rubble, mainly chunks, that I already have (see pic) however what...
  2. D

    Help identifying hardcore

    Hi, I've got garden people laying down some pathways, and the hardcore they're using is causing me a little concern. I wanted to identify what it is and if it's suitable for the job. They reckon it'll go rock hard when dried, and called it clunch (or something like that!). It has a chalky...
  3. A

    Type 1 v Type 2 Hardcore

    Hi, I am building a base for a hottub. I have dug out the area but would like to ask which of the subject should I use to compact down before the concrete. Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance. Regards Al
  4. B

    'Deep' patio needs a lot of hardcore/sub-base...

    Hi everyone, I would be really grateful of some help re a patio I am about to build. I like to think I am a fairly competent DIY’er and have done a block paving and patio before with good results, but this is a bit of a bigger project. In short, the patio itself is going to be ‘pie slice’ shaped...
  5. N

    Replacing patio

    My patio has seen better days and it looks like a good time to replace it. When it comes to replacing patio, is it ok to leave the existing hardcore and put down a new full bed of mortar for laying the new slabs? Or is it necessary for this all to be replaced as well? If it helps, the patio is...
  6. nichollsjames

    Driveway Double Hardcore

    Can I compact hardcore on top of existing hardcore? About 6 years ago we had our drive hardcore, 30s semi about 14x6m. The area furthest from the house has dipped and we have a pond in wet weather. I dug a channel to a trench and backfilled with gravel to alleviate somewhat, however I intend...
  7. J


    I am digging up an area to monoblock for someone. There is a layer of, what i think is hardcore, above the subsoil. I am just thinkin to reuse this. Does it look like acceptable hardcore to you? Its a bit less 'stony', less bigger stones, than the normal MOT1 i get from TP. What do you think?
  8. N

    Suspended Concrete Slab - No Hardcore!?

    Morning We have just commenced the build of an orangery off the back of our property. The plan and quote was to have a 7m x 4m beam and block base with an air gap of around 150mm, so a fair bit of excavation. However when the builder turned up he suggested a slab as it worked better with the...
  9. M

    Levelling artificial grass install

    Really sorry to ask this question but I’m a complete novice J I’m installing some artificial grass. So – I have digged out grass and soil, hardcored the area to a few inches, hired a compactor plate, but here is the question, how do I make sure the hardcore Is level, the area is on a slope so...
  10. L

    What should hardcore comprise of?

    We've got two bulk bags of hardcore for a patio but unlike the other bags we've had these have no larger stones in at all and are just basically sand and really small gravel. Is that normal and would it be ok to go under a patio? Thanks
  11. D

    Hardcore Sub Base for gravel path

    I have had some useful responses on the height of a gravel path which I am building alongside my house. Below the gravel path I want to put a hardcore sub base as that is what has been suggested. However I am too tight to buy a load of hardcore as I have lots of rubble/gravel/old cement and...