1. D

    Hardwall job materials calculator

    Is there a reliable online materials calculator? Actual areas without addition to be on the safe side etc are: hardwall - 10m² skim - 20.7m² This presumes that hardwall needs a skim finish.
  2. M

    Plastering before screed/ Plastering over of DPM membrane

    Hi. We are building an extension and laying new floors inside the existing house as well. We are managing the job ourselves, but seems like we are making lots of mistakes, relying on "specialists" trades instead of doing our own research to get the right solutions. I know we got it wrong, so...
  3. S

    Plastering internal wall victorian house

    Hi, I have moved into a victorian house which had a dripping stopclock in the cellar, which has been fixed up and has now started to dry out. Now looking at the plaster in the room above it. I have taken a picture of one of the (Edit: internal brick) walls, that was under the woodchip...
  4. cwhaley

    Thistle Hardwall

    I've just about finished the building work before putting in another log burner. Where I had to remove plaster around the opening on the chimney breast face, I've used Hardwall leaving 2-3mm for the final top coat of multi finish (see pic). I'm worried however, that the multi finish will crack...
  5. D

    Hardwall meets plasterboard on external corner

    Hi, Long time reader, first time post.. I have recently dot and dabbed a chimney breast wall with plasterboard. When pulling out the old fireplace surround it pulled off some plaster on the corners and on the perpendicular walls and has gone back to brick. I have levelled the plasterboard...