1. M

    Advice for a total novice please. What would you recommend for a hedge over this wall?

    We bought this house last year, there's this planter over the wall between us and the neighbours. Previously they kept wildflowers etc but as you can see it's been neglected. All we want is something for a little privacy for our outdoor space (once it's finished) to chill with a beer on a...
  2. S

    New to Gardening

    The hedge between mine and my neighbours front garden does not appear to have even foliage. A part of it is "woody" Please see two pictures below My neighbour says this is a tree and suggested cutting it down however, this will leave a large gap in the hedge How do I get rid of the tree and...
  3. L

    Pruning young privet grown from cuttings

    Hi, I have several fences that I want to replace with privet bush. Without really knowing what I was doing I took some cuts from a friends established hedge last spring. I then put 8-10 of these in pots filled with compost and watered them until early autumn before planting them approx 20-25cm...
  4. S

    Planting new privacy hedge (beech or leylandii) - expected cost

    Hello, I was just wondering how much you would expect to pay for someone to plant a 13m hedge (beech or leylandii). It will require some new soil to be used as its at the corner of our house near the road. Prices including bare bulb hedges, soil and labour. Basically all in cost. Just...
  5. M

    Garden Property Boundary Registration & Fencing

    Good Evening, Was hoping you could help me please, I have been a homeowner of my property for 25 years, Mortgage paid off and I have my title deeds ownership of the home. We had a back garden extension built 7 years ago, though, before this, we had a wall and wire fencing which partitioned both...
  6. cwhaley

    Best privacy hedge

    Can anybody recommend a fast-growing hedge I can put up along one side of the garden? There is already a 6ft fence there but I'd like another foot of privacy above that. Neighbours are good people but like privacy and would enjoy a more attractive border. Best contender so far is cherry laurel...