hive dual channel

  1. simonB90

    Hive multi zone set up

    Could really do with help here I am planning on installing hive I have two single receivers and thermostat.can I wire the both into the wire box or does one need to go downstairs into the boiler
  2. E

    Replacing BDR91 with Hive mini dual channel receiver wiring

    Hi All, Apologies if this has already been answered earlier, but I cannot find a 100% confident answer. I am replacing my old Honewell BDR91 with the new Hive Mini (dual channel) Thermostat. I have Baxi 400 combi boiler at home. Attached image with my old Honewell BDR91 wiring, I have...
  3. tomvick

    LP241 to Hive wiring.

    Hi, I have done a self install of my hive for the lp241 programmer. I have read on here that it is a like for like switch for the lp241 to the hive dual channel receiver, however I have a slight issue on the heating side. I have disconnected the previous thermostat and linked the terminals...
  4. Giles266

    Hive dual channel multi zone wiring help

    Help! I'm trying to install Hive active heating 2 to replace my existing system but I'm not too sure on the wiring, I've found tons of guides and posts about this already but I'm not able to transfer the solutions to my setup. This damn wiring is starting to infiltrate my dreams so any help or...
  5. T

    Hive Help please RWB7, SCR, RF3

    Hi sorry i’m new here but saw some Great advice. I have a new Hive system but I'm struggling to install, trying to replace an RWB7 (pic 1 and 2) with my Hive controller which is located on first floor but also have an SCR wireless receiver (pic 3 and 4) in garage (floor below) and an RF3 (pic5)...
  6. G

    3 Port valve wiring advice

    Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Need some advice please. We have an old heating system - Baxi bermuda back boiler (serviced every year and running fine), hot water tank, pump and 3 port-valve in the airing cupboard. I believe it's a Y-Plan set up. Couple years ago, upgraded...
  7. unknovvn

    BG thermostat re-wire to HIVE active 2 channel

    We had this old British Gas central heating thermostat which has the following wiring: I thought it was going to be straight forward to wire it but doesn’t seem like it. Looking at the wiring diagram for the dual channel I am missing a cable Any suggestion?