hot cold hot cold

  1. N

    Shower runs hot then cold then hot......

    I have an old Worcester Bosch Greenstart HE plus combi boiler. 3 months ago the shower, which has been working perfectly for last 5 years, would start off at correct temperature and then after about 2 minutes would run cold. Just as it was running cold I heard the boiler fire up and after...
  2. J

    baxi duo tec 28he issue

    Hi I'm at my wits end with my heating my radiators heat up upstairs but stay cold downstairs I've bleed the radiators and flushed the system as I read its usually a blockage problem unfortunately I found no blockage. I then read it could be a pump problem and due to ruling the others out even...
  3. Koch

    Cold, hot and gas pipes run too close to each other

    Hi, please see attached photos (blue: cold mains to boiler and kitchen after bathroom. Red: hot from boiler to bathroom. Yellow: gas to boiler. The other pipes are the radiator pipes that do run across under the pipes at the radiator ends - again too close to them) is this okay? I’m concerned...
  4. R

    Combi boiler hot cold issue

    Hi we have a 5year old worster bosh 28ijunior it's been running through a water softener for 5years also. So when we run a shower/ bath water goes hot/warm/hot/warm and so on. Run the hot alone stays hot. I bypassed water softener still same issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  5. T

    Ideal Mini HE C28

    Settle down for a long story...... A few months ago we started getting the hot, cold, hot , cold issue with our water. we had a bit of a nightmare trying to get a plumber to have a look which is a story for another time. He recommended changing the Thermistor, so he got the part and did the...