28 Dec 2018
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Hi, please see attached photos (blue: cold mains to boiler and kitchen after bathroom. Red: hot from boiler to bathroom. Yellow: gas to boiler. The other pipes are the radiator pipes that do run across under the pipes at the radiator ends - again too close to them) is this okay? I’m concerned that the hot and cold pipes are too close to each other and I’m aware it’s not recommended, although they are separated by that mysterious material (to me) above the joists but it doesn’t look satisfactory. It runs like that for 3m and then down to the boiler and kitchen.

This a 2 bed small house with combi boiler and the hot will not be used so often, hence I’m thinking it shouldn’t be that bad.

I’d appreciate your opinion on this. I did consider other options but it will involve using plastic pipe across the joists or the cold pipe running behind the skirt board - I do have some decent gap behind due to plaster boarded wall.



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As Dan says,,its been fine for 50 years.Unless you are having problems,leave well alone.The "mysterious material"looks like felt,used to seperate the pipes and stop ratling when they expand and move.For sure,you start ripping all that out and replacing with plastic,you are going to find a much bigger job than you realised,and potentially create a shed load of problems,and gained nothing.
Thank you all for your advice. It’s always good to get some second opinion on these issues. I’ll just leave as it is. Saved some time and cash there
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Thank you all for your advice. It’s always good to get some second opinion on these issues. I’ll just leave as it is. Saved some time and cash there

That's what this forum is for (y)

DIY can be a lonely journey. One often overthinks things and ends up doing unnecessary work (I still both laugh and swear when I find boards with a million screws I have to remove). Even us in the trades benefit from a colleague with a fresh set of eyes and second opinion, at times :D
That wasn't too bad, but she forgot to numb the far end of the thumb so I felt all of the last two stitches going in.

Wasn't much worse than the feeling of the injections for the anesthetic so I let her crack on. Was trying to get back to work FFS :LOL:
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