plumbing and heating

  1. Phil Smith

    Heating is on, Radiators are switched off but still getting hot?

    Hi, My heating is switched ON. 3x of my radiators TVR valves are OFF. BUT the radiators are still coming ON. I’ve checked the TVR valve and they are working, the pin is opening and closing they are ok. It seems really odd that this problem started at once, any idea what this could be...
  2. ryan14690

    Upsizing Pipe

    Hi, Could anyone tell me if it is ok to up the size of pipe from my radiators from 8mm to 15mm? My current configuration is 22mm from the boiler then it downsize closer to the radiators to 8mm. I would like to upsize from the 8mm to 15mm but in my head i dont think its possible. Might be...
  3. B

    radiator not working after bathroom renovation

    Hi, I recently had my bathroom renovated (including installation of a new towel rail) and ever since a radiator in one of our bedrooms has stopped getting hot. The only way we seem to be able to wake it up is by turning the overall heating up REALLY high. Any idea what it might be? It has...
  4. N

    Loft shower controls hot water for house?!

    Hello. So I’ve recently moved into a 1900’s terraced house with a loft conversion from 2001. The shower in the loft is either scorching hot or Luke warm. It also had problems with being jammed stuck until I loosened it with WD40. However, as it’s the loft, it’s not a priority (I imagine a...
  5. W

    What's the regulation pipe insulation in an unheated loft space?

    As in the title - What's the required insulation under building regs for heating pipes in the unheated loft space within a residential building? I can't seem to find any clear-cut answers.
  6. S

    Pipe sizes and new boiler

    Hi, I need some advice as I think I have hired a cowboy plumber who came with good recommendations... Have a 3 story house (via loft conversion). 2 Radiators in Loft (1 Single Large, 1 Bathroom) 4 Radiators on the first floor (1 Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small, 1 Bathroom - All single) 5 Radiators...
  7. C

    Stain on wood floor- ufh leak or chemical reaction?

    I spotted this dark stain on my wood floor around 3 weeks ago, last time the underfloor heating was on was in December. Yesterday I switched it on again and it seems to be getting bigger. The stain is dark, no cupping or crowning, no sign of water or moisture. Any ideas whether it's a chemical...
  8. J

    combi tap water slow

    Hi there , I have an ideal logic plus 24 combi , the pressure dropped and boiler cut out. I set pressure to 1 bar which was same as it has always been. All seemed fine till I turned on hot taps and saw that although it’s coming out hot it’s much slower than it’s ever been Any help would be...
  9. EcoGirl

    Horstmann Economy 7 Immersion Timer battery problem?

    Hi, Summary: I am looking to buy a replacement battery. Does anyone know where or how to find one? I believe this is the problem. I changed the tank to a thermal store. I left the Horstmann switched off at the mains ie no power to charge the battery, for several years. Apparently they won't...
  10. T

    No hot water but do have central heating

    Hi there When I switched on my hot water at the controls today, I noticed that I couldn't hear the 'normal' noises it would make once it comes on and the hot water cylinder isn't getting hot. I have tested the central heating and it works fine. I have a plumber doing work on renovation at...
  11. Iona Howard

    Moving copper pipes in floor

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice on how to move some copper pipes. My partner and I are currently renovating a house and we've decided to flip the direction of the stairs to give us more room upstairs. As we'll also be moving the stairs back slightly we...
  12. Aszaria

    Upstairs bathroom tap hot water - no pressure

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so thanks and foremost for your help. Apologies if this is not the right place or been covered by another post. I need some help / advice with a tap in the bathroom upstairs. There is no pressure that comes out of the tap, in fact the more you open the tap...
  13. K

    Moving radiator, pipes underfoot threshold

    Hi all, currently at outset of general living room renorvation. My wife wants this rad moving or all pipe work covered. I must say looks a bodge job from previous owners. Radiator which I changed about 6 years back appears to be plumbed inline. Both pipes running under door threshold and...
  14. J

    How to fix shower screen to stud wall

    Hi there I need some help I’m trying to fix a shower screen (the bath type) to a plasterboard wall with splash back but I haven’t got a clue what fixing to use, I was wondering if I could just silicone the bracket let it dry and then fit the shower screen but I just don’t trust it any...
  15. MillwardPlumbing

    Indirect Cold Water Blockage

    Hi, So I was called out to a customers house today, they were complaining of no water to their bathroom cold taps, after some investigation I found a mouse lodged in the cold pipe that feeds the bathroom from the tank. I removed the mouse and found its head was missing presumably sucked further...
  16. N

    Old Sunvic Programmer/Timer

    I’ve just moved into a house that has a seemingly very old boiler with sunvic programmer that I don’t have the manual for. Wondered if anyone could advise on how to use or where to get a manual? thanks
  17. A

    Lockshield valve not isolating radiator

    Hi, I'm trying to isolate my radiator in order to change a leaking bleed valve. The lockshield valve on the radiator is just spinning and spinning and not shutting off the water. In the photo below, it's the spindle that I have been trying to turn. Is there anything I can do other than...
  18. S

    Independent c24 to a new wireless thermistat

    Hi all, Firstly i want to thank you all for reading this, I'm pretty stuck so any help would be amazing. I currently have an Independent c24 combi boiler. This boiler has never had a thermostat fitted so had the original red cable connection, the boiler has only ever had the timer switch...
  19. G

    Cold water tap turned on trips combi switch to start

    Had a new oil combi CH system installed a couple of months ago and as part of the system the plumber fitted an Adey MagnaClean Professional2 filter which has dripped ever since. He came to see it but couldn't find the problem which was pretty obvious since the pipes were hot and the drips were...
  20. L

    Question regarding upgrading Radiators

    Hi all I'm looking to upgrade some regular old radiators ( 7 in total). The replacements are larger modern radiators. Two would be approximately 1600mm long by 600mm wide to hang on the wall. I've attached an image of old white radiator style and new radiator style (Grey) to give you idea of...