house alarm

  1. Paulius

    Challenger house alarm

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this one. I just bought the house from auction and in the house I have house alarm- challenger. I would like to use but I don't know the password and agency who sold they also don't know. I tried to do factory reset but that I don't know what it's factory...
  2. Abdul23

    Scantronic 9000 Series keypad not working

    Hello, I recently moved into a town house with a Scantronic 9000 series alarm fitted with the property. I have been activating/deactivating the alarm from the control panel keypad as normal and a few months in most buttons and numbers suddenly stop working when pressing on the keypad. The...
  3. Jonge500

    Pyronix Help

    Guys its 02:20am , I've got a six month old going mental and a angry wife (great start right...) Our Wireless Alarm (Pryonix Enforcer) is going off owing to a "tamper fault" I am fairly sure its on the box outside (20ft in the air). I have googled and inputted the master and engineering code...
  4. R

    Too Many Wires in Smoke Alarm

    I moved into a house where the smoke alarms were knackered (ground floor was both disconnected and expired, and the first floor was missing completely), so I bought two Aico Ei141RC alarms. The first floor fitting had the normal number of wires (L, N, E, IC) and took five minutes to fit. I then...
  5. D

    House alarm Accenta / optima G4 Mini, “fire fault lockout”.

    Swapped burnt out circuit board pics below for a new one + new battery, each wired connection swapped over. Factory bridges refitted connected wires removed. Nothing is connected to the fire sensor terminals (top left). Intruder sensors are wired into terminals 7 and 8. Prog setting all fire is...
  6. A

    White comfort LED's bell box

    Hello. For a while, i have been looking for a bell box with bright comfort LED's. Around where i live most peoples alarm bell boxes have the standard green or red comfort LEDs, but as the box whethers they are not very visable and the LEDs can not be seen at daytime. Has anybody come across a...
  7. J

    Galaxy G2-20 Keyswitch Zone Help

    Hi All, Does anybody have any experience with wiring up key switch zones on a Honeywell galaxy system? I seem to be stuck with getting this to work. Instead of an actual key switch, I want to use a relay to allow remote setting/un-setting. Looking at the manual, I need to change the...
  8. M

    Disabling Security 700l

    Hi, I’m doing some decorating , and I was wondering if I disconnect the movement sensors , will it set off the alarm?( when I’m obviously in the house alarm and isn’t normally activated ). If so , is there a code to input to disable / enable the alarm system whilst I carry out some decorating ?
  9. E

    Pyronix enforcer 32 wireless PVM reset

    Hi all Is there anybody that help me with this please, I am desperate. I have bought a house this year fully kitted with a Pyronix enforcer 32. When I was renovating the house I remove all power from the control panel and the plan was to move the panel to a different area. But from my little...
  10. S

    Texecom premier

    ive recently changed router and it has a different ip range to the previous one. My texecom premier was setup as a static ip. I need to change it to dhcp so I can see it on the network and thn be able to integrate it to my home automation. Do I need to crash the alarm and thn reprogram it from...
  11. D

    Gardtec 350 tamper problem

    Hi All, I have just moved into a house with a Gardtec 350 alarm system, and am trying to see if it is functional. It has four detectors and a panic button. The battery is flat, so I've got another one on it's way. There seems to be a problem with the tamper system, as the Tamper LED is...