House alarm Accenta / optima G4 Mini, “fire fault lockout”.

30 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
Swapped burnt out circuit board pics below for a new one + new battery, each wired connection swapped over. Factory bridges refitted connected wires removed. Nothing is connected to the fire sensor terminals (top left). Intruder sensors are wired into terminals 7 and 8. Prog setting all fire is No / Off. Alarm activated with FIRE - zone eight, I removed connections. Then FIRE - zone 7 again removed connections. “fire fault lockout” then shown? Reconnected 7 & 8 still “fire fault lockout” and sensor 8 no longer functions. How can I solve this anybody? Or do I have a faulty new circuit board? Note on first power up had TAMPER FAULT LOCKOUT strongly suspect this is from the external SCB - Self Contained Bell box. As I cannot get any sound from it only flashing light.
[GALLERY=media, 103728]Main Box Circuit Board Faild Resister by DIYCustard posted 30 Dec 2019 at 4:15 PM[/GALLERY]
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Hi Secure I am, thanks for looking at my question. No it is the old failed board - thought it was worth showing a picture.

as stated " Swapped burnt out circuit board pics below for a new one"
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On the circuit board top left hand side are 3 terminal blocks marked +13V - 0V - Fire.
Brand new complete alarm panel and LCD display from Amazon. Only Swapped out circuit board and just in case something had changed the separate LCD display unit.
These are the outputs for a communicator
Check your programming is correct sounds like programmed wrong.
Hi Andymanjo yes I agree it does sound like a incorrect program setting at first. But I have been through the installation manual cover to cover three times, making sure everything is set up as explained. Also as I now have a “fire fault lockout” which I am assuming is a incorrect signal back to the control panel inline with TAMPER FAULT LOCKOUT as detailed here in other threads. I need fault finding sequence to try to narrow down on were to look to resolve. Suspect their is more than a single fault.

Hello Sparkymarka, nothing wired to that terminal. Only Zones 7 and 8 which can be programmed as fire zones. Extract from the manual Pg 7
"The fire zone detects fires all the time and will operate whether the system is Set or Unset" this was what was occurring indication zone 8 which is were we were standing so it detected us? Hence why a disconnected the sensor cables into the panel. then it sounded fire from zone 7 a bedroom we were not in - nothing to detect. Really confused me. Disconnected zone 7 it then gave this FIRE FAULT LOCKOUT! reconnected Zone 7 and 8 now will not clear this lockout fault also zone 8 sensor has stopped working.
Okay, firstly I would have a picture of old wiring versus new pictures of PCB's so we can see.

secondly I would default the panel and then go through the programming again from scratch.
Zones 7 & 8 can be programmed as INTRUDER zone,exit zone of fire zone.
If you have a pir wired into these zones then they should not be programmed as fire.
Thanks everyone - Happy new year to you.
I will get pictures of the wiring next time I'm at my brother In-law - most likely this weekend.
thanks for the tip to put a link in 7 and another in 8 I was not sure if I could do that, or the effect.
Re-setting the whole system was going to be my next plan of action and starting from scratch (in effect turning it off and on again:).
My other thought was, what caused the resistor to fail? colour code gold, black, Violet - could the transformer in the panel box have a fault as this has not been swapped out. Causing the issues through incorrect voltage or something.
Zone 8 is the hallway set as a exit zone.
Going to my youngest sons to help him move into a new house - complete DIY tasks over the next few days. DIYCustart to the rescue.
The reason the resistor failed is .....the battery was not replaced and it burnt it out , a common issue on these cheap panels
Finally got back to the brother in-law’s alarm. Kept all the Tamp etc, links in per instruction manual. Confirmed sensor 8 – porch, including siren in external bell box not working, although strobe functions. Put link in 7 and 8 per sparkymarka suggestion - FIRE FAULT LOCKOUT! Disappeared resulting in Fire in porch alarm.

Factory reset the board per Secureiam suggestion. Went through the manual setting everything up again. Fantastic no fault codes showing – worked correctly.

Rewired Sensor 7 and 8 in again – came up with sensor eight fault. Put link back in 8 all OK.

I will report back again once I have replaced the sensor and “Saturn” security system bell box.

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