accenta g4

  1. D

    House alarm Accenta / optima G4 Mini, “fire fault lockout”.

    Swapped burnt out circuit board pics below for a new one + new battery, each wired connection swapped over. Factory bridges refitted connected wires removed. Nothing is connected to the fire sensor terminals (top left). Intruder sensors are wired into terminals 7 and 8. Prog setting all fire is...
  2. alarmbenjy

    False Alarms - Front Door Magnetic Contact

    I have a sealed magnetic contact connected to the Accenta Gen4 on my wooden shed door, I replaced it with a sealed metal contact on previous advice near 2 years ago. Previously I used the standard white plastic contacts and even tried a heavy duty contact for a gap that is always near enough...
  3. B

    Accenta G4 alarm - adding panic button

    We have an Accenta G4 alarm system fitted with an LED remote panel installed adjacent to the front door. I was wondering if it was possible to install a Panic Button by wiring directly into the remote keypad, and if so, which terminals would need to be shorted when the button was pressed. I...
  4. M

    Installing AG6 BellBox to Accenta Mini G4 Alarm

    Hi, I am currently installing an Intellisense AG6 bellbox to a Honeywell Accenta Mini G4 system. I just want to double check the wiring of the bellbox. On the Alarm control panel is have the connections: BELL - BELL + STROBE - SCB T SCB A On the Bell Box I have: ST - R - SW - V + V - How...
  5. Mark Briffa

    Help needed - Accenta G4 mini resets itself

    Hi everyone, I have an accenta G4 mini alarm which works perfectly except for 1 thing. Whenever there is a power outage, and power comes back, the alarm continues as normal since it has a backup battery, but about 6 hours later, the system resets itself and obviously the sounders go off. The...
  6. James B

    Pyronix Deltabell Plus to Accenta G4.

    Hi all. I picked up a deltabell plus bell box and a accenta g4 LCD to replace my old elmende prima and optima concept. I am confident with most elements of intruder alarms, although I am unsure of how to connect the two together. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks. :)
  7. M

    Accenta G4 Mini Alarm - intermittent False Alarms

    Hi, I installed an Accenta G4 Mini alarm system myself over 1 year ago. The system has 2 x LCD keypads, 1 x external siren, 1 x external dummy, 1 x internal siren, 3 x door contacts and 5 x pet tolerant PIRs. All has been mostly fine for over 1 year, but recently we've had a couple of false...
  8. D

    Accenta mini G4 keypad silencing

    So I have set up two keypads and two programs (P1 & P2) set. P1 will be used to enter/exit and sets all used zones. P2 is used for nighttime with one PIR disabled and set for silent timed. The 'nighttime' keypad is upstairs in hallway and the idea is that last to bed will set P2. Only thing is...
  9. H

    Accenta ADE Gen4 code change

    Hi, We've just moved into a new house which has an Accenta ADE Gen4 alarm fitted. However, the previous vendors don't know the code (claim they never used it) and the engineers' code has been changed (already tried 9999). Any tips on how the code can be reset? Thanks in advance, DC
  10. A

    Accenta G4 - defunct?

    Hello there, sorry, DIY novice with very little experience here so please excuse my stupid question! I was wondering whether I could get an opinion on an Accenta G4 alarm and its probable state of activation... I moved into a flat fittend with an Accenta Mini GEN4 with LCD Keypad system with...