ideal mexico

  1. G

    Nest Gen 3 to replace an old Horstmann Potterton controller to a Ideal Mexico 2 Boiler

    Hi, We have just moved in to an old property with a Ideal Mexico 2 boiler controlled from a Horstmann Potterton controller. The timer function has just stopped working and I thought I could upgrade the potterton controller to a Nest thermostat with heat link. I think the Ideal Mexico 2 is a...
  2. G

    Use of Combi but with HWC for bathroom.

    We have a large 4 bed, 1 bath, 1 showerroom bungalow. Ideal Mexico rs65, yes that old!, has run faithfully since 1987 when the house was built. It provides more than adequate heating and hot water and most of the year the boiler thermostat sits at 1. Only over the very coldest spells does it get...
  3. D

    Old Ideal Mexico Floor Standing Boiler - any info

    Hi there, I am hoping that one of you lovely folk can help me with some general i formation and advice regarding an old Ideal Mexico floor standing boiler please. We are interested in purchasing a house and in the old fireplace space in the kitchen is one of the boilers. Judging by the font...
  4. GoodOne

    ideal Mexico - CH working but not HW

    Hiya, My HW (hot water) not working after I drained my CH (Central Heating). I released all the air pressure in all radiators. When I set the control to just HW, I can see the fire start for a couple of minutes and then it went off. Any idea why? Should I bleed the myson unit five pump? Is...