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  1. T

    Hive Setup: Is it possible with my system?

    I have an analog heating programmer beneath my boiler (Ideal MiniS24). There are two wires going into terminal 1 and two wires terminal 2: live input and a live out (to the motorised valves upstairs) and same with neutral. Terminals 5 & 6 are powered out to the boiler. (attached a picture of...
  2. T

    Ideal Mini HE C28

    Settle down for a long story...... A few months ago we started getting the hot, cold, hot , cold issue with our water. we had a bit of a nightmare trying to get a plumber to have a look which is a story for another time. He recommended changing the Thermistor, so he got the part and did the...
  3. dutchbath

    Ideal Mini combi - Can I change my auto air vent myself?

    Hi all I've just had my expansion vessel swapped on my Ideal Mini C24 boiler (added outside of the boiler), and whilst doing that I noticed that there was a small water leak coming from the boiler itself. Once my pressure has re-stabilised since the new vessel has been installed I noticed that...