1. B

    Rainwater Ingress Via Front Door?

    The Problem I've got an issue whereby water is getting into my house whenever there is moderate-heavy rain. This is a new build from 2015 (maybe that's not so new now...) I suspect it is coming in via the front door, but there is no visual evidence of water ingress anywhere - however, walking...
  2. P

    Leak from bottom of astragal bar in outward opening uPVC French door

    Leaky astragal by phoenixw posted 14 Feb 2022 at 8:14 PM We have an outward opening uPVC French door that has a leak from the bottom end cap of the bar between doors. The drainage in the frame seems to be working fine and there's very little in there even after a heavy day like today! Any...
  3. C

    Serious water damage - looking for source

    Hi all, We're battling serious water damage on the second-floor front wall of our Victorian semi (pic 1). There are no visible issues on the exterior. The previous owners advised that it was caused by an unresolved roof leak. They finally got the front re-roofed but didn't repair the damage...
  4. Hutcheg

    Water ingress during build (ed.)

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of building an office in my garden. It's been pretty slow progress due to having 2 small kids, and having a tough time with my mental health. Due to Covid, the roofing sheets I ordered at the end of October still haven't arrived. I've constructed the roof...
  5. thompa25

    Water ingress into flue

    Have recently moved into a different house and the boiler is leaking water down the vertical flue. the boiler is a vokera mynute he 35 system boiler. When it rains really heavy the water drips from the flue and down onto the condensing heat exchanger and into the bottom of the boiler. it has...
  6. swishy6

    Lead lined guttering

    Hi, Guttering question. My house is about 150 years old and the guttering is a trough built into the top of the wall. Stone tiles on the roof and the gutter doesn't protrude over the edge. I don't know what you call this system but it's lead lined and I don't think it's sound. The lead doesn't...
  7. N

    Is this a problem with my flat roof?

    About 18 months ago at the corner edge of my flat roof a bubble appeared under the felt. Since the roof was still under a 10 year warranty the roofing company replaced a section of it. You can see it in the photos below where the felt looks lighter in an oblong piece. All was good until...