insulate behind wall

  1. E

    PIR Insulation over studs (not inbetween)?

    A question about insulating stud walls. We have a room in the roof, and the eaves space is uninsulated. I have formed an opening into the eaves space (as was sealed off), and I am in the process of rolling mineral wool insulation in between and over the floor joints to insulate the ceiling to...
  2. A

    Help to insulate damp solid wall behind cupboards in converted stable

    Hi there, Any help here would be appreciated. I have recently bought a converted stable, in my living room I have cupboards and a seat against a solid wall (see below). I want to insulate the wall behind the cupboard. The wall behind the cupboards is very damp and makes keeping the...
  3. H

    Tenement living room window bay paneling and insulation

    Hi there I have a tenement flat in a tenement building built in the 1890s. I've just removed the ugly upvc window casing and wooden stool or sill. What's left then is the stripped upvc windows in wooden frames, sitting on the sandstone exterior wall. I like the original wooden panelling and...
  4. P

    Insulating solid wall

    Hi all, My house dates back to about 1885. Mid terraced, redbrick, lime pointing and plastered inside with lime plaster. When carrying out some renovations I noticed a lot of blown plaster on the internal face of an external upstairs wall. I think that at some stage previous owners had used a...
  5. StephenStephen

    How to insulate this weird space in loft?

    Hi all, We have a couple of cold bedrooms, the top half a metre of the walls have only plasterboard and lath and plaster between them and our cold loft. I can't work out how to insulate this section. Access is poor, lines are not straight, roof structure complicates things, diagram attached...