insulate flat roof

  1. N

    Insulating a polycarbonate leanto

    My polycarbonate leanto I have decided to insulate by means of adding wooden Batons and stapled breathable insulation on to them. There is a gap of about 2cm from the insulation and the polycarbonate sheets and I intend to fit in ceiling plasterboard flush up against the insulation, leaving the...
  2. whatsthenews

    Insulating single brick utility room

    Hi. Somewhat confused Newby looking for advice re insulating walls and ceiling of a single skin brick utility room at the back of a garage, adjacent to kitchen. I assume that this would be classed as a non habitable space so won't have to comply with the U values. We also plan to add either a...
  3. T

    insulation boards stacked on the roof

    Hi all, a quick opinion would be appreciated, it is our first (re)build and obviously I have a lot to learn and potentially not everything which looks odd is an issue (this is my behaviour by default! :P ) Came back home to find a bunch of 45mm Kingspan TW50 boards, which will be presumably...
  4. J

    Garden outbuilding, insulation and more???

    Hi there. I've had some very helpful advice from this forum recently, but need some more if possible. Just wanted to confirm the insulation specs. The plan is currently; Floor 75mm PIR insulation laid directly on concrete with glued battens spanning front to back as a fix for scaffold...
  5. J

    breathable membrane for garden room

    Hi, I need some advice if possible on the best type of membrane for a timber framed structure for a garden office. I was going to have the stud wall, membrane, battens, then ply cladding sealed with Osmo oil. Parts of the cladding might be open joint cladding with vertical battens, but am...
  6. Bruceslades

    Ceiling void advice 100mm or 150mm insulation. Void or avoid?

    Another question regarding my garage conversion. I am struggling with insulation for the roof. The garage is detached from the house. I have recently had the flat roof replaced with a EPDM roof. It sits on 150mm rafters. It is a cold deck roof. I was planning on using 100mm celotex in between...
  7. S

    Insulating Flat Roof - Extension to Old Bungalow

    Trying to insulate roof in 1970s extension to an old bungalow. Wondered if anyone else has come across a similar challenge / what you did please? The extension is for a quite small kitchen and bathroom - very cold in winter. As a refurb project, I’m resigned to not being to be able to meet...