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    PIR Insulation over studs (not inbetween)?

    A question about insulating stud walls. We have a room in the roof, and the eaves space is uninsulated. I have formed an opening into the eaves space (as was sealed off), and I am in the process of rolling mineral wool insulation in between and over the floor joints to insulate the ceiling to...
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    Insulating bay window upstairs and ceilings

    Hi This is my first post and a DIY job that is new to me so excuse me for any basic terms that I will use ( still in the learning process).After reading various posts regarding the same project I am undertaking I am well and truly confused. My 1950's house has bay windows, we are renovating...
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    Superfoil/multifoil insulation - is it any good for IWI in 2022?

    Hi All, About to start a detached Victorian 3 bed renovation, as usual solid brick walls so no cavity to insulate. It has been a while since I've done some internal wall insulation, previously I've always used PIR on treated battens. I've spoken with Superfoil and they tell me their SF19+...
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    Engineered floor - ground floor

    Hi there, We are renovating out Victorian terrace house and we have decided to lay a engineered floor downstairs.At the moment there is floating laminated flooring installed on which looks like 3mm insulation without DPM on the top of original floor boards. My plan is to remove floor boards...
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    Upgrading A 1930’s House’s Energy Rating

    Most people when when upgrading a 1930’s house they think changing the boiler and replacing windows will keep them warmer and save costs on heating but that’s really only going to help so far people don’t realise the cold air under their feet and the pipes under their floor are likely not...
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    Cold closet with air brick inside -- can I insulate it somehow?

    My house is a 1950s brick semi-detached, with plaster directly on the brick. There are a few air bricks (right term?) around the house, including one that is inside a closet on the upstairs outside corner of the house. As you might imagine, this closet is always cold and has a tendency to grow...
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    Attaching DPM to underfloor void walls

    I have about a 1.6 metre deep void under my floors. The floor of the void is always damp and in one corner you can see where water has entered at the base of the oversize and run down to the back of the house. We understand that there are underground water courses in the area. We do suffer with...