1. K

    Is it acceptable quality?

    Hi everyone, What’s your opinion regarding quality of painting and plastering on the photos below? Not everything was replastered, only the ceiling on the first photo actually Is the painter responsible to fill and sand everything or not? Is it ok he didn’t paint behind the radiators? In case...
  2. M

    Wall cracks in 7 year old barn conversion

    Hi all, I hope you are well. Just looking for anyone's opinion on these cracks. Both cracks have been here since we moved in and after filling they have recently began to open again 18 months on. The first crack is against the join in the wall and runs vertical up the wall between the join. It...
  3. CrazeUK

    Hot water only comes on when numerous taps are running

    Hi Guys. I have a Baxi 105 HE. We have an issue where the boiler doesn't come on for the hot water. It does come on when you turn both the basin and bath taps on to full flow. I assume there is a flow valve/switch that detects when the water is flowing. My questions are: 1. Where is it on the...
  4. P

    Wallpaper Curling and Shrinking after Month

    Bit of a long story, but will try to cover the facts! Wall was professionally replastered September. Wall was sized with 3 coats of Contract Matt And Water 50/50 October. Wall was papered with Superfresco Easy (Paste the wall) December 5th. Come January 2nd, the edges of the paper have shrunk...
  5. H

    VW Polo 1.2 06 Reg - Is it time to get rid?

    Hi, My polo has caused me problems from day one and I was wondering if it was maybe time with me to part with it... The current issue at the moment is my engine management light has come on (this is the third time in about 4 months), I have had my front O2 sensor changed twice in that time and...
  6. Fisher1980

    Glow Worm Ulitmate Not Working - Help!

    Afternoon All, So as winter get ever closer, It would seem our heating would pack up ! Such is life. The issue we are having is thus: The boiler refuses to light, often starting and stopping the fan and not progressing to ignition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Chris