VW Polo 1.2 06 Reg - Is it time to get rid?

5 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom

My polo has caused me problems from day one and I was wondering if it was maybe time with me to part with it...

The current issue at the moment is my engine management light has come on (this is the third time in about 4 months), I have had my front O2 sensor changed twice in that time and now my mechanic is saying the catalytic converter has gone, although I'm not totally convinced as it not showing the typical signs (I had it changed April last year). Is it likely to be this again?

My car also seems to go through a lot of oil, although I'm not entirely sure where this is going... The AA man reckons it could be possible that the piston rings have worn and its slipping through them. Is this costly?
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Yes. If the piston rings have gone it will burn engine oil. This will be the cause of the catalytic converter repeatedly failing.
Thank you, I’m guessing unless the piston rings are fixed this is going to keep happening?

... guess it’s time to say goodbye to the polo
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95058 mileage... And it’s a 3 cylinder 1.2 petrol
Unfortunately there has been many, many problems with this engine, mostly related to cylinder head and emission problems. Some are calling it a day at less than 60k miles.
Personally I'd let it go.
John :)
Thanks John, I’ve already suffered the cylinder head, plus fuel injectors problem which put me back £1,200. I don’t think I can justify throwing away any more money... I think it’s time to go :(
It's certainly not what you expect from VW, is it.
I don't have too much experience with these, but to remove the turbo the drive shafts have to be removed :eek:
That was enough for me!
Best of luck with the replacement vehicle.
John :)
Makes me laugh how car mags do reviews on used VWs and go on about quality german engineering and then go on to detail serious engine faults. They're no better than French cars, really.
Some other manufacturers are finding that their 'tiny but turbo'd' engines aren't lasting as long as they should but unfortunately these nackers are finding their way into the car auctions......buyer beware!
If ever there was an ad for buying a car on a PCP this is it.
Give me the traditional big diesels any day , despite EGR and PDF issues.
John :)
Does this mean the s**t engines are in the Skoda range too ?
Get a Peugeot made between 2000-2004 they don't go wrong, especially the diesels.:cool:

I think a few owners of those cars may disagree with that! What’s the basis of your statement?
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