1. U

    Ran out of oil

    Hi all We stupidly ran out of oil and have since refilled the tank. We know that it probably needs bled first so have been trying with no success to bleed it and reset. The first problem is we are unsure which is the bleed valve as ours looks different to every other one we've seen (it's a...
  2. goldielocks

    Black gloss on top of Zinsser Bin applied to skirting/trim

    Hi Plan on Zinsser Binning my really old (11 years+) white glossed moulded skirting & then hopefully some black gloss on top. Being a noob i have only gone and bought Dulux WB Quick Dry Gloss & have seen many comments about how crappy it is. Should i get rid of the dulux and go oil based...
  3. N

    Thermecon 60/80 oil boiler, Ecoflam Minor1, Delta VM1

    Hi folks, Please go easy on a curious/desperate amateur. I've been in this chilly house for 18 years with this set-up providing plenty of heat; the boiler instruction book says 1995. The ageing radiators were flushed about 5 years ago and work fine. I got a top-up of oil just before...
  4. H

    Oiled a Teak sideboard: what have I done wrong?

    I sanded away some scratches from a teak sideboard and then treated it with clear Danish oil, but the sanded part is much darker than the rest. What have I done wrong? Can I fix it? I am a complete amateur, so be kind. Thanks.
  5. L

    Pine floors - how to finish??

    Hi everyone Recently sanded back our pine floorboards and got a beautiful look, however once we applied Osmo Polyx Raw it all went a bit wrong - it left a white sheen. Have since read you should ignore their advice and not just leave it but buff it and remove excess to avoid this happening -...
  6. M

    Oil soaked alternator

    Hi, A couple of weeks after service the seal on the new oil filter went and coated the diesel engine on my Dacia Logan with oil. The garage fixed this and jet washed the engine. But less than a week later my alternator has failed. It had been coveredon oil They say the incidents are not...
  7. Katehe

    Oil/grease or wet patch on interior wall

    BE0F12D2-8C46-4900-ACD8-A17E497290BD by Katehe posted 22 Feb 2022 at 4:32 PMBE0F12D2-8C46-4900-ACD8-A17E497290BD by Katehe posted 22 Feb 2022 at 4:32 PMBE0F12D2-8C46-4900-ACD8-A17E497290BD by Katehe posted 22 Feb 2022 at 4:32 PM57A1D457-3ABC-42FB-A01F-4D5865AB86F3 by Katehe posted 22 Feb 2022 at...
  8. J

    Combi system losing pressure

    Has anyone known a Grant 26 combi (external) to leak internally into the flame chamber? For the approx four weeks, every morning the boiler has lost all it's pressure. I refill the system to 1.2 bar, and it kicks back in, and works fine - rads toasty warm and hot water is hot! This may last two...
  9. S

    Grant Oil Combi Boiler Hot Water Efficiency

    Hi, We have just had a grant vortex oil combi boiler installed and we have two options to heat our hot water; we can have the water on continuously which will keep the very small water reserve in the boiler at a certain temperature. Or we can have the hot water off and then just boost it when...
  10. K

    Am I being spun a line re: efficiency of Camray 5 oil boiler?

    Hi all, Newb here. I've been reading some of your threads and it seems there are some very smart folks here who may be able to help with a head-baffling question. We're in a rental home and we have a 20yo oil boiler, the Camray 5 95/130A. It's had the burner replaced with a Riello RD3 that the...
  11. S

    Heatslave 15/19 oil boiler - intermittent lockout issue

    Hello I am hoping someone can help. We are having issues with our boiler. When we are just using the boiler for hot water there are no lockout issues at all. However, when the heating is in use it the boiler will lockout around 30-60 minutes after the heating has come on (it can sometimes...
  12. W

    Oil Tank Position

    I recently got a new oil tank installed and they have positioned it so the outlet is 300-500mm below the boiler, previously it was roughly level. The tank is very close to the boiler, let than a meter with a wall in the middle (non-reg compliant I know). I have raised this with the OFTEC...
  13. J

    New oil pump after running out of oil

    Recently my oil tank ran out of oil and when I got the tank refilled the boiler wouldn't start so my landlord sent around a plumber who supplied and installed a new oil pump and bleed oil to fix the issue. My landlord is now giving me a bill for £145.32, I have 2 questions 1. Can running out of...
  14. macker6464

    Sticky Oily Goo Leaking From Windows

    All my double glazed windows have an oily slime seeping out at the bottom. I have wondered why since buying the house in 2013. Today I was removing a glazing panel to sort a jammed window (another posting to come!) and think I know the problem. The black glazing tape around the glass appears...
  15. M

    Riello 40 oil burner ignition problem

    I have been having problems with intermittent ignition issues with this burner. It runs but no ignition. I have done some maintenance, cleaned out the boiler chamber and plates, fan and casing cleaned, burner tube cleaned, nozzle filter cleaned, all is running ok, apart from ignition. I read...
  16. kinning

    MOES WiFi Smart Thermostat, replacing a on/off switch

    Hi hope someone can help, I have read and got a lot of answers in the past, but couldn't sort this. I've purchased "MOES WiFi Smart Thermostat" from amazon, and need it t replace a simple on/off switch that controls the boiler. Pics below of inside the current switch. Wiring diagram for the new...
  17. Jakeh83

    Tigerloop Installation on RDB1 WORCESTER GREENSTAR 12/18 484LD2X

    Hi ive recently moved my oil boiler about two meters, there was previously no tigerloop but i have bought on as im extending oil line anyway, i cant find an install guide anyone help? Im GS registered and I'll be getting an oftec guy to commission.
  18. Z

    Help! Hive Installation - Worcester Bosch greenstar heatslave ii 18/25

    Hi All, I have been given a Hive 2 With Dual Channel Receiver. I would like to use it with my Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave ii 18/25 After reading around online I am aware that the single receiver version should be used for Combi boilers. However it can also be seen a Dual Channel...
  19. R

    What 'protective oil'?

    This isn't quite an electrics question, but it relates to a sticker on some outdoor lights that we have. I am not sure where else to post this question. The lights we have are pretty common and they look like this (NOT THE ACTUAL PRODUCT WE BOUGHT, BUT OURS LOOK VERY SIMILAR TO THIS)...
  20. S

    Repair Brushed and Oiled Wood floor

    Hi I've got an engineered wood oak floor, brushed and oiled finish. There are various marks where coffee / red wine / god knows what has been spilled on it and not cleaned up quickly enough. If I rub and rub at these marks they pretty much come off but it leaves a patch that is lighter than the...