1. MrSaurus

    Veissman 200 Weather Sensor malfunction?

    I have had Viessman Vitoden 200 for ~6 years. Have had almost no issues with it, works brilliantly. However the central heating has stopped working in the last couple of weeks. The boiler seems fine, no fault code, green light, hot water good etc. The only problem I can actually see is that the...
  2. A

    Help on Old Honeywell system/battery replacement/errors

    Hi We have an old Honeywell system. They keypad has a sticker on it saying Grade 3 Class II. There had been some low battery errors for a while so as the walls were being painted the opportunity was taken to replace the batteries in the sensors mentioned on the keypad. No alarm went of when...
  3. G

    Floodlight keeps turning on and off constantly

    Hi, I have a twin spot halogen floodlight with a sensor that keeps turning on and off every few seconds, I've tried messing with the settings and cutting the supply and turning back on but it's still doing it. Any ideas please ? Thanks
  4. K

    Whirlpool ADG 7470/2 dishwasher shows fault: 6 flashes

    Hi Everyone! I have a rather old integrated dishwasher, Whirlpool ADG 7470/2. As of recently it refuses to work, showing "6 flashes" error code. Perhaps local experts could help me figure out what is going on. Here is what I know so far: (1) "6 flashes" apparently means that the dishwasher...
  5. R

    Is my Vaillant PCB dying?

    My Vaillant ecoTEC plus 618 display is always illuminated - previously it would go dark until I turned one of the temperature setting knobs. Not only that but now the temperature shown is flickering irregularly around the preset temperature (70°) and also flashing back to the outgoing...
  6. M

    Danfoss TP2 Remote Sensor

    Does anyone know what's inside a Danfoss TP2 and what voltage it works at? My guess is that it's just a thermistor. Also wondering if the programmer supplies it with high/low voltage (dc or ac?) . I've used Arduinos for Internet control of various sensors in the home, so if I knew the...
  7. W

    Bosch Condensor Tumble Dryer Not stopping when container full

    Hi Guys, A family member of mine has a Bosch Condenser Tumble Dryer and the the tank fills but doesnt stop when its full. I'm guessing its some kind of sensor but I havent had a look for them yet, and was wondering if anyone has had experience of this? Thanks in Advance.
  8. R

    Pyronix Enforcer PIR - lost back plate for tamper alert

    Hi everyone, I am currently getting some renovations done to my house so the builders took down the PIR sensors. Since then I get constant errors on tampers etc so I haven't been able to use it. They are now ready to put it all back again but have managed to lose the back plate on one of the...
  9. Adam G.

    Pyronix Enforcer Alarm Help

    Hi all, New member here and in dire need of help with my alarm. I have set it all up myself and has been working perfectly fine for years, however I now have the added complexity of having a dog in the house.... When we leave her alone in the house (downstairs kitchen and lounge have PIRS) she...
  10. Smileysmile1

    Outside lantern stays on?

    Briefly, just fitted a outside lantern for my aunt. Replaced the shoddy one which hadn't been working for years. Turned off the mains as the cable goes to a junction box and then main box. Connected L, N and earth. Secured the lantern then put the main electric back. Light bulb lit up but...
  11. I

    Alarm magnetic door sensor can I bypass

    Hi, I'm having problems with my magnetic alarms door sensor on my patio door. I can't set the alarm as it says the zone is open. It's a Scantronics 9651. The sensor is old has been glued together by the looks of things. I had a look at the wiring from the back and see the following colours...
  12. J

    Viessmann weather comp sensor help needed please

    hi all, I have had a viessmann vitodens-100 w 26kw boiler fitted ( type b1hc, b1kc ) serial 7570672 i have picked up a weather comp sensor off fleebay for £15 and want to install it ( V200 outdoor sensor part 7427232 it also has a sticker on the unit that says ntc 10k ) the chap says it will...
  13. alarmbenjy

    False Alarms - Front Door Magnetic Contact

    I have a sealed magnetic contact connected to the Accenta Gen4 on my wooden shed door, I replaced it with a sealed metal contact on previous advice near 2 years ago. Previously I used the standard white plastic contacts and even tried a heavy duty contact for a gap that is always near enough...
  14. MeldrewsMate

    Vauxhall combo/corsa external temperature sensor location?

    Dear all, My Combo van has started to display the external temperature much higher than it used to. Today, in January, it displayed 35C....probably wrong! My questions are twofold: 1. Where is the sensor located? I suppose it must be at the front to avoid engine heat, but a quick scan of that...
  15. H

    VW Polo 1.2 06 Reg - Is it time to get rid?

    Hi, My polo has caused me problems from day one and I was wondering if it was maybe time with me to part with it... The current issue at the moment is my engine management light has come on (this is the third time in about 4 months), I have had my front O2 sensor changed twice in that time and...
  16. CSM Security

    PIR sensors not that responsive

    Hi all, I currently fit Pyronix systems, but last couple I've done the PIR sensors wasn't that responsive when alarm is set. They learnt with no problem at all & signal strength was good. Anyone had this issue? Regards, Chris
  17. Grapsta

    ADT Smart Home Door Sensor

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone out there might be able to offer some advice? I've recently moved into a new house and had an ADT Smart Home alarm fitted. I discussed with the sales chap that we would be replacing the front door shortly and asked about moving the sensor when the time came to which...
  18. M

    Texecom Premier Elite 48 - Impaq Contact W Help!!

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of programming my new alarm, its a Texecom Premier Elite 48, with 32XP Expander. I've managed to get the system to learn the PIR sensors, i'm struggling with the door contact sensors (Impaq Contact-W), the control panel isn't able to find them. I've shorted the...
  19. N

    Installing a dual-tech PIR with just 6 cores

    I need to replace 4 sensors on a zone that occasionally false activates. I have bought Honeywell Activ8 AM-DT anti mask quad PIR and Microwave sensors, but they appear to need 8 cores back to the panel. Because this is a retrofit, I only have 6 cores. The installation instructions refer to this...
  20. A

    Thermecon Oil Fired Boiler Instant Lockout issue (Ecoflam Minor?)

    Hi Team, I wonder if someone may be able to help with the following issue. The Thermecon boiler is approximately 15 years and in the main performs well. Last year we had a problem with the spark generation to fire the burner. On inspection the HT leads seem to be arcing and the spark wasn't...