1. J

    Partner 471 sp tucumseh engine no starting when warm lawnmower

    All, Apart my CRV headache with vibrations got friend coming on Friday evening for a beer and he took with him a non runner Partner 471 lawnmower. I cleaned up carburettor and bum started at first shot. Got him to cut my grass :) and engine worked very well. he then stopped to removed grass box...
  2. L

    Vauxhall Astra j squealing noise

    Make: Vauxhall Model: Astra j Engine size/Type: 1.7 CTDI ECOFLEX Year: 2011 Mileage: 98k Hello, My Astra makes a squealing noise on cold start ups. The sound comes from under the hood and dissipates after 5 minutes. I believe it could be linked to one of the belts. Just wondering if anyone...
  3. R

    This problem is going to end me

    Hi, I have mk6 golf TDI 2010 At around 100k miles I started having this problem where the car struggles to start. Almost sounds like it's mis firing (it's not a petrol though) When I start the car it sound like it is running off 3 cylinders but after a short period of time it runs...
  4. L

    VW Polo '06 1.2 Humming noise from engine! **VIDEO INCLUDED**

    Hi Everyone! Hope someone on here can help.... I've had this high pitch humming/whistling noise coming from my engine. It happens when I accelerate at a certain point usually heard in the first 3 gears. (noise still is heard when pressing the clutch in) it is also heavily noticeable after...
  5. cwhaley

    2003 Fiesta Mk6 - Sat for 2+ years

    I've been given a Mk6 Fiesta (2003) 1.4 petrol Duratec. It's done 83k and has had a new clutch, oil and service within the last 4k miles. Unfortunately it was taken off the road in October 2016 and left on my parents drive for over two years. It was occasionally started to keep things...
  6. H

    VW Polo 1.2 06 Reg - Is it time to get rid?

    Hi, My polo has caused me problems from day one and I was wondering if it was maybe time with me to part with it... The current issue at the moment is my engine management light has come on (this is the third time in about 4 months), I have had my front O2 sensor changed twice in that time and...
  7. andyr123

    Renault Clio 2 16v 1.2 Fuel vapour System/solenoid

    Hi all - the wife has a 2003 16v 1.2 Clio mk2 and I just want to ask a question about the solenoid valve that goes into the carbon filled canister behind the front drivers side wheel (its behind the drivers side headlamp) Should this solenoid valve make a noise like a fast popping (like a...
  8. eveares

    Inside Generator Control Panel!

    Just a few pics that I took the other day; is it your bog standard generator control panel or is it quite specialised? Don't know anything about the history of it, whether it works, etc... as it was just in a warehouse that I was in briefly moving tables into for long term storage purposes...
  9. P

    Engine noise after oil change

    So like a typical dick head I decided to try and service my car myself, and I've made all the typical dick head mistakes you'd expect from someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Non the less, I intend to learn for next time. So when I got around to changing the oil. Removed the old oil...
  10. Conorod1

    2004 Ford Ka whining

    Recently bought 2004 Ford Ka. Few small issues but nothing major. Last day or two noticed a whine when in lower gears/slower speeds, and occasionally when idle. Whine similar to reversing whine. Have a small oil leak but unsure whether that would be an issue? Thanks in advance
  11. R

    Citroen Picasso help

    This was found on a car my mum purchased. No one seams to have a clue what it is! The car is a Citroen piccaso 1.6ltr Many thanks
  12. D

    Mcculloch ProMac 3600 Brush Cutter Problem

    I've got a brush cutter as above. Some years old now but has been running fine. Stupidly, I left fuel in it for some time while not using it, and inevitably it gave problems. Started fine, and ran OK after a bit of spluttering. Started using it, fine, then after about 20 minutes the revs would...
  13. eveares

    Brigs & Stratton Lawnmower engine won't stop!

    I have a self propelled petrol mount-field lawnmower that I have had since 2004, and for the first time last week it would not stop when the throttle was let go. I had to push the throttle cable in by hand very hard to just about stop it. At first I thought it stops by friction from the pad...