1. dave3681

    uPVC window jammed by loose screw in bottom rail

    Hello, My uPVC window has suddenly become jammed. The lock mechanisms seem to slide out of, and the window opens about half a cm, and then seems to jam in the centre area below the handle (where there are no locking mechanisims). I have used an allen key and figured out that the locking...
  2. Cezar

    Van sliding load door stuck locked.

    Hello all, too long didn't read: I've got problem with sliding door in Citroen Relay that won't open from inside or out after central lock locked them but won't open. No idea what to do now as I can't remove the lock mechanism without opening the door first. full story: I replaced the lock...
  3. R

    TS690R Jammed indication

    I have a TS690R wireless alarm system that occasionally, 3-4 times in 10years, gives a jammed indication. I can normally enter our the code to reset the system and it clears. But today it has been in this state, with accompanying beep every 60 seconds, for 9 hours! I have tried isolating at...
  4. A

    Upvc window jammed

    Hi all, My first post! I have a upvc window fitted with mico fittings (essentially an escutcheon plate with mushrooms that slide vertically that engage with stationary retaining brackets). The window has jammed with the mushrooms engaged. Efforts to free the mechanism have failed, now the handle...
  5. T

    Jammed mortise lock

    We are half way through trying to change a mortise lock in a solid wood back door. However we have discovered that the lock is jammed in the mortise cavity. We have tried oiling it to hopefully break down any rust, easing out deadbolt with pliers, taking off the front plate incase it was...