3 Aug 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

too long didn't read: I've got problem with sliding door in Citroen Relay that won't open from inside or out after central lock locked them but won't open. No idea what to do now as I can't remove the lock mechanism without opening the door first.

full story:
I replaced the lock mechanism in 2013 Citroen Relay L3 medium roof, as the old one didn't lock the door. The doors would close and open but wouldn't lock using remote. Power was there coming out of the wiring but mechanism didn't work.
I bought new-used door mechanism off ebay and replaced the old one. After closing and opening the door a few times, I used remote key to see if they will lock. They wouldn't lock the first time, but after a few attempts they did lock, but wouldn't unlock. Mechanism makes a quiet clicking sound but doesn't release the hatch.
Now I'm stuck with doors that won't open from inside or out, and I cannot remove the mechanism as this requires doors to be opened. I've no clue what to do now?
Many thanks!
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Will it open if you push the door (further closed against the seal) while you operate the remote?
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