1. T

    Upgrading to multi-point lock

    I'm looking to upgrade my front door's lock to a kitemarked multi-point lock (the kind that insurance companies like to see). The UPVC door currently just has a single latch although it looks like there are cut-outs towards the top and bottom in both the door and the frame where I presume there...
  2. K

    Large Timber Door Bowing - Whats gone wrong?

    Large Timber Door Bowing - What's gone wrong? Could do with some expert advice please to see if this can be remedied on a replacement. The door is 1.1 meters wide approx, the construction is (I'm told) engineered hardwood solid core door (44mm) with 6mm tricoya face, the back is also faced with...
  3. OsaE

    Looking for solution for this space below door frame.

    Solutions for this cavity against the wall below door frame. Looks like previous had new flooring installed. The threshold going outside is fine.
  4. Ouch77

    retrofit UPVC Door restrictor/check strap

    Hi all, I'm looking to fit a couple of sets of door restrictors, or check straps - to some UPVC Double glazed french doors. Is it a case of one size fits most? or do I need something specific to fit a particular supplier? One set of doors is a fairly recent install with rehau extrusions, the...
  5. D

    Trying to find replacement handle

    Hi I’m trying to find a replacement door handle for my back French/upvc door. It’s a 92pz on a gu lock if it matters. My screw center distance is approx 110mm, closest I can find is 122mm. Does anyone recognise this size? I’ve trawled the internet for days but I cannot find another like it...
  6. F

    How can I adjust this PVC door left to right?

    Problem: There is a gap at the bottom of my PVC door causing a draft, it looks like the bottom needs to move to the left so that it makes contact with the rubber seal around the frame. Attempted fixes: I've rotated the cams on the door and adjust the catches inside the frame but this wasn't...
  7. G

    Warped internal door

    I have an old pine door that is warped on the handle end of the door so that when closed to the frame, the top and bottom sit to the frame and the middle is about 10mm from the frame, therefore making it impossible to close (the hinge end of the door is perfectly straight. It's been like this...
  8. B

    Rainwater Ingress Via Front Door?

    The Problem I've got an issue whereby water is getting into my house whenever there is moderate-heavy rain. This is a new build from 2015 (maybe that's not so new now...) I suspect it is coming in via the front door, but there is no visual evidence of water ingress anywhere - however, walking...
  9. C

    Weird French doors with window handle and standard door handle...

    Hi, I've moved into a property and I have French doors at the back of the property with a window handle on one door and a standard door handle on the other.... Is this normal practice ? If not, is it possible to replace the window door handle with a standard door handle to correct the...
  10. S

    Repair crack in old timber door

    I’m trying to renovate my old timber front door. There’s a crack that separates just below the moulding that holds in one of the lower panels. This will not push back in flush to the surface, but I can’t figure out why. I guess it’s possible the wood behind has swollen in some way? What should...
  11. N

    Door not closing properly, rubbing the floor

    Hi, I have a problem with my front door. Maybe it is good to say that I live on the lowest floor of an apartment complex and was thinking if there is something serious going on with the structure as the door is bent in the bottom half. The apartment is built in 2005. What could be the issue...
  12. D

    Door entry handset buzzer not buzzing

    I live in a tenement flat and the door entry handset has never been great, but recently it really got worse. Ever since we moved in 10 years ago the handset speaker and mic has not worked - we could not hear visitors at the panel by the main door, nor could they hear us. We put up with this for...
  13. A

    Door corner sticking out

    Hi all, Really hoping you can help. I have attempted to build a “secret bookcase” door for my daughter. The door itself I’m happy with but despite hanging it three times, the bottom corner on the opposite side of the hinge side, sticks out by about 4cm when I close the door. Everything is plumb...
  14. H

    Creating a small opening in cellar wall (FOR ACCESS) - How to support the floor above?

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone could give me a bit of advice. I want to create a small opening (no wider than a door's width) in the cellar's internal brick wall. The reason for this is because currently there is no access to the suspended floor below and I want to access it so that it's so...
  15. C

    What kind of latch is this?

    I wanted to change the latch that was sticking on an internal door. The latch is bigger than I expected (case width 40mm) and doesn't look like the usual type of latch I've seen before. Does anyone know what this type is? It seems to have odd measurements as well (approx 83mm case, 62mm...
  16. S

    Bosch fridge freezer - light and door led playing up

    Hi I have a 6 month old Bosch fridge freezer As if a couple of days ago the led right and led display on the interior are either not coming on, or coming on intermittently when the door opens. I'm guessing there is a proximity sensor /magnet type setup and possibly some obstruction. Any ideas...
  17. Pfubu

    Slipping stone door arch repair

    Hello, I’m hoping for some advice on the best method of repair. I have recently moved into a 1930s semi and the stone arch on the door way appears to have slipped quite a bit. Being and old build it appears the pebble render is holding everything in place but I’m unsure what would need to be...
  18. R

    What can be done about this varnish drip?

    So theres a big drip of varnish on my oak veneered front door (inside although whole door was done the same) and I’m wondering if I can fix it? No idea what kind of varnish it is unfortunately. Slightly milky maybe?
  19. bettz1

    Is the door worth complaining about? Again

    Hi so we've had this door fitted about 5 years ago I'm sure there a 10 year warranty with it. We've had nothing but problems the door is constantly dropping we've had them out twice to fix that last one was about 3 months ago, the guy mentioned they might have to change the hinges. We've also...
  20. A

    Key stuck in my lock and will not turn (Avocet ABS Eurocylinder)

    Hi all, My door key is stuck in the lock in the rotated position. I cannot turn the key or pull it out. I have attached a picture. I am wondering if anyone can advise on this? Thanks