1. L

    Multipoint inside door lock change

    Hi all, Im looking to change a door lock. The house we recently bought has a inner and outter door. the issue im having is when the outside door is opened its too big and hits the door handle of the inner door. what im looking to do is remove the lock/handle thats already there with one...
  2. J

    Hanging reclaimed door

    I'm hanging a reclaimed door, which is an original from a neighbour. New trim had been added to the wrong side of the door frame. The old door and frame both have hinge notches cut already but they don't align. Is it better to - extend the notch on the door - extend the notch on the frame -...
  3. bettz1

    Dishwasher door falling down

    We've noticed the dishwasher door has been falling down today just went to load stuff in it and heard a crack. Noticed there's a bit of plastic in bits and what looks like the dishwasher door hook hanging loose. Is this a take the side panel off job? Macinge is a candy cdi 1ls38 Also anyone...
  4. S

    Broken bathroom cabinet pivot hinge

    Hi guys Does anyone have an idea on how I can repair this broken bathroom cabinet bracket/hinge which snapped off yesterday? (The pivot pin snapped off). I cannot find a replacement anywhere on Google as nobody seems to make the part. It’s a pivot hinge which screws on to a bracket on the...
  5. B

    Screw fell out of uPVC butt hinge

    I have a misaligned uPCV external door with butt hinges (not sure which manufacturer, but is 3D adjustment type). The bottom hinge is clearly out of alignment and recently a small screw fell out the bottom - my guess is that it has just worked loose over time. I have tried to push and screw...
  6. K

    Nightlatch door lock metal pin?

    Hi all - would really appreciate your advice on this as extensive googling has not helped! A couple of days ago the door wouldn't close behind me (latch sticking out), when I moved the handle this short metal rod fell out of the lower of two holes in the latch itself (picture). The lock seems...
  7. S

    Identify these parts

    Seeking the community's help in identifying the make and specific model no's - of the parts in the pics. Hoping for a) Manufacturer b) specific model number. My Aim: To simply take off the old ones (hinges), and swap them out with fresh clones. Hoping someone can help.
  8. cwhaley

    French Door sill too short!

    As per the title -- the sill for my French doors is short by about 10-15mm either end. This is because the builders didn't read the plans properly and have built the opening too wide. Unfortunately it's too late for them to do anything now so I'm on my own. I've spent a good few hours trying to...
  9. AudioDave

    Gap under external door.

    Hi all. Our external door has a draft on one side, this is due to the seals on the underside of the door being damaged when the previous owners let the door drop. I've asked a door parts site for advice, but they think the part fitted is now obsolete. My question is, where can I find a T...
  10. bettz1

    Internal door sticks out at top

    Hi any idea how we can get the top of the door to be more flush against the frame? The bottom seems to be fine but you can put your hand near the top and push it to to be closer to the frame. We've national hickmen hinges but they just seem to move the door closer or further away from the frame.
  11. J

    Can not find the correct door hinges...

    Hi all, bit of a weird one. I need hinges for my doors to go into my frame. The old hinges are ruined, paint all over them etc and just thought i would get new ones. Measuring up it seemed like they are approx. 76 x 51mm which i can see is a standard size, they are like 80 years old (1930s...
  12. R

    Wooden door naturally bent - need draft exclusion ideas

    Dear DIYNot members! Our front door has naturally (over five years) developed a bend at its bottom corner. I would like to put some draft excluder around that side, but I'm not 100% happy with the idea of only putting it along just the half of the door height (as the door won't close evenly)...
  13. D

    Entry door open chime volume adjustment

    I have a chime on the entry door which sounds on all the internal sounders throughout the house when the door is opened but it is too loud. How do I lower the volume. If there is a specific page in the instruction book, can someone point me to it. I managed to adjust the volume on the keypad...
  14. D

    Rear outside door snags

    Hi all, I had a company fit a rear composite door and frame to replace a metal clad wood door. The company Allweatherroofline has managed to order the wrong glass, scuff the handle, fit the door so it scuffs, rubs the latch plate, the handle bar is two separate ones so that the outside handle...
  15. alarmbenjy

    Repeated False Alarms (Wired System)

    System log:- 205) SET PRGRAM 21:35:57 206) ENTRY START 13:11:46 Zone 1 207) ENTRY TIMEOUT 13:12:15 Zone 1 208) INTRUDER 13:12:51 Zone 1 209) INTRUDER 13:13:05 Zone 1 210) INTRUDER 13:13:07 Zone 1 211) INTRUDER 13:14:21 Zone 1 212) INTRUDER 13:14:27 Zone 1 213) INTRUDER 13:14:34 Zone 1 214)...
  16. E

    Removing handle sliding door

    The handle on my sliding door is not working correctly and is slightly loose. I wanted to remove it to see if there was something obvious I could do, but I can't even get it off! There are no visible screws and I have no idea how to remove it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  17. Cezar

    Van sliding load door stuck locked.

    Hello all, too long didn't read: I've got problem with sliding door in Citroen Relay that won't open from inside or out after central lock locked them but won't open. No idea what to do now as I can't remove the lock mechanism without opening the door first. full story: I replaced the lock...
  18. M

    Wood floor through door frame

    I am looking to fit real wood flooring in two rooms with a door frame in the middle. I don't particularly want to have a joining strip. The boards will go along the width of the door and I am concerned that I might not be able to get the click-lock boards together once they are fitted into the...
  19. Edward1456

    Can I use 7mm door spindle in a 8mm hole when fitting new knobs?

    Does it matter that the 7mm is a little bit loose in the hole? It's not so small that it turns/flips over within the hole. I'm just finding it impossible to find the correct width spindle for these doors. 8mm spindles were too tight. 7mm are a bit loose. The spindles that came with the...
  20. Benmak

    Back door leaking.. Please help

    Hello. I'm concerned about my backdoor as we have had some heavy rain in the last day and I noticed a wet patch in the concrete that meets the corner of the door frame. Somehow water is making its way into the house through both edges of the door. I have always had concerns over the...