1. Pfubu

    Slipping stone door arch repair

    Hello, I’m hoping for some advice on the best method of repair. I have recently moved into a 1930s semi and the stone arch on the door way appears to have slipped quite a bit. Being and old build it appears the pebble render is holding everything in place but I’m unsure what would need to be...
  2. R

    What can be done about this varnish drip?

    So theres a big drip of varnish on my oak veneered front door (inside although whole door was done the same) and I’m wondering if I can fix it? No idea what kind of varnish it is unfortunately. Slightly milky maybe?
  3. bettz1

    Is the door worth complaining about? Again

    Hi so we've had this door fitted about 5 years ago I'm sure there a 10 year warranty with it. We've had nothing but problems the door is constantly dropping we've had them out twice to fix that last one was about 3 months ago, the guy mentioned they might have to change the hinges. We've also...
  4. A

    Key stuck in my lock and will not turn (Avocet ABS Eurocylinder)

    Hi all, My door key is stuck in the lock in the rotated position. I cannot turn the key or pull it out. I have attached a picture. I am wondering if anyone can advise on this? Thanks
  5. JD2012

    Front Door Keyhole Cover

    I am looking for a Keyhole Cover for my Front door. It looks a bit like this picture below. Mine is silver chrome. I looked in my local B&Q but they had none suitable for my type of lock. Can I get one that screws in or something thanks.
  6. M

    Window and door energy certificate

    Hello, I had a few new windows and a front door installed recently, I have received the Fensa certificate. Should I also expect to receive an energy certificate for each window and door? Is this even a thing with new windows and doors or not really? I'm thinking the likes of an energy label...
  7. Allsofunny

    Yale door lock

    Hi, The Yale lock on my porch door doesnt always open easily sometimes takes 5 mins trying to turn the key. I’ve tried using wd40 but I think it needs to be replaced. Does anyone please tell me what type of lock this is? I’ve searched Amazon but they just look really long and so not suitable for...
  8. R

    Renovating an external door

    Hello DIYNot members! I would like to give the external door I have a new coat of paint, but I am not sure of what material it is made of: it looks like painted metal to me: What type of door could it be, and what paiting options are available for it? Thank you in advance!
  9. R

    Upside down UPVC door!?!

    Yes, you read the title correctly - I have an upside down UPVC door that needs to be righted. I think the previous owners were a bit 'out there' as the dude just laughed with no explanation when I pointed it out during viewing... Anyway, is this a relatively straightforward task to right? I...
  10. B

    Timber Door Seal Identification

    Hi, can anyone help me identify this type of door seal? We have 3 on the bottom of each external timber door and quite a few have perished. Can't seem to find anything similar on the web. Thanks, Brian.
  11. S

    How to open door with a shattered spindle follower

    My uPVC patio door handle recently stopped working. When I took the handle off and removed the spindle, I found that the 'follower' (square hole that the spindle goes in to) has shattered. I've attached a photo where you can see that the bottom and right side of the follower has broken off. I...
  12. L

    Multipoint inside door lock change

    Hi all, Im looking to change a door lock. The house we recently bought has a inner and outter door. the issue im having is when the outside door is opened its too big and hits the door handle of the inner door. what im looking to do is remove the lock/handle thats already there with one...
  13. J

    Hanging reclaimed door

    I'm hanging a reclaimed door, which is an original from a neighbour. New trim had been added to the wrong side of the door frame. The old door and frame both have hinge notches cut already but they don't align. Is it better to - extend the notch on the door - extend the notch on the frame -...
  14. bettz1

    Dishwasher door falling down

    We've noticed the dishwasher door has been falling down today just went to load stuff in it and heard a crack. Noticed there's a bit of plastic in bits and what looks like the dishwasher door hook hanging loose. Is this a take the side panel off job? Macinge is a candy cdi 1ls38 Also anyone...
  15. S

    Broken bathroom cabinet pivot hinge

    Hi guys Does anyone have an idea on how I can repair this broken bathroom cabinet bracket/hinge which snapped off yesterday? (The pivot pin snapped off). I cannot find a replacement anywhere on Google as nobody seems to make the part. It’s a pivot hinge which screws on to a bracket on the...
  16. B

    Screw fell out of uPVC butt hinge

    I have a misaligned uPCV external door with butt hinges (not sure which manufacturer, but is 3D adjustment type). The bottom hinge is clearly out of alignment and recently a small screw fell out the bottom - my guess is that it has just worked loose over time. I have tried to push and screw...
  17. K

    Nightlatch door lock metal pin?

    Hi all - would really appreciate your advice on this as extensive googling has not helped! A couple of days ago the door wouldn't close behind me (latch sticking out), when I moved the handle this short metal rod fell out of the lower of two holes in the latch itself (picture). The lock seems...
  18. S

    Identify these parts

    Seeking the community's help in identifying the make and specific model no's - of the parts in the pics. Hoping for a) Manufacturer b) specific model number. My Aim: To simply take off the old ones (hinges), and swap them out with fresh clones. Hoping someone can help.
  19. cwhaley

    French Door sill too short!

    As per the title -- the sill for my French doors is short by about 10-15mm either end. This is because the builders didn't read the plans properly and have built the opening too wide. Unfortunately it's too late for them to do anything now so I'm on my own. I've spent a good few hours trying to...
  20. AudioDave

    Gap under external door.

    Hi all. Our external door has a draft on one side, this is due to the seals on the underside of the door being damaged when the previous owners let the door drop. I've asked a door parts site for advice, but they think the part fitted is now obsolete. My question is, where can I find a T...