lock mechanism

  1. R

    Upside down UPVC door!?!

    Yes, you read the title correctly - I have an upside down UPVC door that needs to be righted. I think the previous owners were a bit 'out there' as the dude just laughed with no explanation when I pointed it out during viewing... Anyway, is this a relatively straightforward task to right? I...
  2. D

    Pvc euro cylinder door

    Hello, I am replacing the euro cylinder in my door, however the hole where the retaining screw goes in is blocked, seems like the mechanism is blocking this. When I lift the handle to to engage locks or open door it doesn’t move much. So no way of getting the screw in to secure the cylinder...
  3. Cezar

    Van sliding load door stuck locked.

    Hello all, too long didn't read: I've got problem with sliding door in Citroen Relay that won't open from inside or out after central lock locked them but won't open. No idea what to do now as I can't remove the lock mechanism without opening the door first. full story: I replaced the lock...