Pvc euro cylinder door

5 Nov 2021
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I am replacing the euro cylinder in my door, however the hole where the retaining screw goes in is blocked, seems like the mechanism is blocking this. When I lift the handle to to engage locks or open door it doesn’t move much. So no way of getting the screw in to secure the cylinder.
Will I have to take the mechanism off too see if it’s blocking the hole. Sorry I have pictures, but can grab one tomorrow. Any advice
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Sorry, I'm finding your description a bit difficult to follow!
If I understand correctly, you can't get the old cylinder out?
No cylinder is out, new one in however the retaining screw won’t go back through the frame. It’s blocked from going through to the cylinder so can’t secure it.. will get an image tomorrow to show.
The fixing hole in a euro cylinder can be in different places.
Are you sure the dimensions of the new cylinder match those of the original?
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Yup because even with the lock out there is no clear path for the screw to go through. Just wondering if the mechanism has dropped and blocking path.
I see, sorry yes, a photo may help.
You may have to remove some of the mechanism to see what has dropped.
If the cylinder was removed then surely a screw/allen screw had to be removed first. By removing the handles you should be able to see what has happened.

BUT just reading your first post , are you saying that when you pull the handle up with the door open the locking mechansim isn't coming fully out? If so chances are the gearbox is at fault

OR are you saying that the hole for the screw is blocked until you lift the handle? As some were fitted with allen screws rather than normal screws and the allen screw has to be screwed in further than then lockplate so that as the lock slides up and down the lock doesn't hit the allen screw
See photo


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Take the handles off , and look into the hole where the cylinder fits , may give you a btter idea of what is in the way

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