Euro cylinder lock broken or the door mechanism itself?

20 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

My garage have a uPVC door and I am finding that when I lift the door handle up to do 1st stage of lock, then I turn the key to 'lock' it, I will not be able to push the door level down to 'open' it. In other words, it's locked.

However I am finding that if I lift the door handle up then down a few times, the door opens!

The question: is it a broken Euro cylinder lock that is causing this or the door mechanism itself that needs some attention?

Thanks all,
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Probably just requires some adjustment. Try lifting the door when it's locked (floor lever) then unlock it and see if all is well, that means the door has dropped which is normal, there should be adjustment grub screws, or the like, fitted to the underside of each hinge barrel, adjust these up the same amount for each and the problem should be resolved. Otherwise you need to adjust the puller barrel heads on the lock strip, three round barrels that protrude from the doors lock stile and engage fixed keepers on the frame leg, these are fitted with eccentric centre adjustments (allen key socket heads) and should only be adjusted one at a time until correct...pinenot :)
Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if it's because the door needs adjustment. In fact I am not sure if my explanation is very clear.

The door locks OK. But when I push the door level up & down (i.e. I push it down hard so it bangs) a few times, the slider lock is loose and was able to open the door.

Does this make sense now?
So am I getting this right, with the door locked you can lift ind drop it down (bang it) and somehow the thrower disengages and unlocks the door, is that what your saying??...pinenot :)
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When closed, locked or not, the door should be bound within the frame i.e. unable to move up, down or whatever, so something is amiss. Are all gaskets intact? both door or frame fitted. when the handle is lifted, are both of the hook restrainers showing the hook ends pointing down? Are the hinge barrels fitted with adjustment screws in the bottom of each barrel (hex headed grub screws normally) answers to these questions will help pinpoint some obvious wrongs from which we can proceed...pinenot :)

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