central locking problem ??

7 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone

I need some advice please, I have a Nissan serena GX 5 door, the passenger sliding door does not unlock using the key or the remote.
I have checked the contacts on the door pillar they are clean and have also checked the wiring is all in order, I have also checked the two contact pins on the door itself, no sign of rust, all clean. still the door refuses to open and I have to unlock by hand once I am in the car.the door does then lock when I use the sensor or key. I have checked visually the locking mechanism behind the door panel all seems well.
I have had the car for four years but this problem is fairly recent.

Any advice would be truly appreciated.

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Well, I hate c/locking and elec. windows :mad: ....so I take the fuse out of the c/locking if it starts playing up ..as my Astra did and it`s symptoms were similar to your car`s HTH.
Thanks for your response Nige F.

I sprayed WD40 over any moving parts and it worked for a while then totally stopped ?
I figured the actuator switch was faulty but to my suprise it started working perfectly and still does, hope the WD40 did the trick, I will keep you all informed as to the outcome.

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