2005 mondeo 155 tdci central locking issue

14 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi guys ,

I have a problem with my mondeo central locking .I went to unlock with the keyfob the other day and it unlocked all doors except the front passenger side .I then unlocked this door from the inside .A day later it opened this door from the fob ,no problem .
Yesterday i unlocked the car from the fob and the drivers door did not unlock ,so I undid it from the inside .The passenger door had unlocked this time .!!!

Also ,when the drivers door would not open I tried to unlock it with the key and this would not unlock the door either .

Any ideas what might be the problem and how I can fix it ???
Many Thanks
Rob .
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If it was a perfect world, I'd say it was low battery voltage. Does the car start ok? Probably something far more technical but eliminate the easy stuff first.

Sometimes the buttons in the door stick and the electrics are not strong enough to overcome this resistance. Only a matter of a little fairy liquid on the lock button. But the two doors hardly got stiff at the same time?

(perfect world: Cheryl where's that spanner) :LOL:
Faulty relay/solenoid in the door? Maybe greasing the door latch would help?
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Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery? This seems to 'reset' the electrical systems. It worked when I had trouble with my electric windows but there was a wee drill you had to go through in the Haynes manual so they worked properly again.

My poor wee Mondeo seems to be on its last legs after 300,000 miles of faithful service. It'll be a sad day when it finally does go, it has served me well.
im pretty sure there is a control box under the dashboard which if you unplug for half hour or so resets the system.
There is a guide on it here somewhere, so do a search for ford central locking
try checking the wires in the door gator,they are prone to fray,check and then check again.
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