Ford Mondeo door lock jam

29 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
The door lock on my 1998 mondeo keeps jamming. All the other doors unlock with the central locking system execpt this one. I can unlock it with the key. Any ideas on how to fix it?
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Does it do it all the time? Could be the actuator inside the lock is broken or there is a wire gone somewhere (inside the loom where the door wiring meets the bulkhead is a favourite place) - you don't say which one so I'm taking it as drivers door.
Can you check if you are getting 12v to the locking motor when the keyfob is pressed?
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Involves taking the door panel off, get to the loom where it plugs onto the central locking motor and using a test lamp to check for voltage across 2 of the cores when the central locking is operated. I'll have a dig about to see if I can find out which 2.
In the meantime, wonder it if is worthwhile nipping to a scrap yard and seeing if they have one in stock and if they do, trying it there and then.
I think the locking units are part of the door catch on mk2 mondeos.

Edit - have had a look at a diagram. You should see 12v across the White/Black stripe wire and the Yellow/Black stripe wire when the first central locking to operates, and possibly 12v across White/Black stripe wire and the Yellow wire when the double locking operates. (It isn't over clear from the diagram how this part of it works).
These wires should be present at the plug which plugs into the locking actuator on the door.