1. T

    identification of key

    I have a box of unidentified locks and keys Is it possible to tell the number of levers in a mortise lock by the shape of the key? If do is this key for a 5 lever lock?
  2. T

    Upgrading to multi-point lock

    I'm looking to upgrade my front door's lock to a kitemarked multi-point lock (the kind that insurance companies like to see). The UPVC door currently just has a single latch although it looks like there are cut-outs towards the top and bottom in both the door and the frame where I presume there...
  3. D

    Removing Union lock with no visible screws - just rivets

    Hi, I have an old aluminium back door where the lock has begun to malfunction - it doesn't always retract the bolt all the way. I want to remove it to repair or replace, but there aren't any screws in the face-place, just rivets. There isn't even a visible retaining screw for the euro cylinder...
  4. R

    Is my front door locking system secure?

    Hi all, Hoping to get some more expert opinions on whether the front-door multi-point locking system is secure in my new house, as something appeared off with me. I still need to replace the euro cylinder within, however, when turning the key the multi-point locking system doesn't seem to...
  5. A

    Key stuck in my lock and will not turn (Avocet ABS Eurocylinder)

    Hi all, My door key is stuck in the lock in the rotated position. I cannot turn the key or pull it out. I have attached a picture. I am wondering if anyone can advise on this? Thanks
  6. JD2012

    Front Door Keyhole Cover

    I am looking for a Keyhole Cover for my Front door. It looks a bit like this picture below. Mine is silver chrome. I looked in my local B&Q but they had none suitable for my type of lock. Can I get one that screws in or something thanks.
  7. Allsofunny

    Yale door lock

    Hi, The Yale lock on my porch door doesnt always open easily sometimes takes 5 mins trying to turn the key. I’ve tried using wd40 but I think it needs to be replaced. Does anyone please tell me what type of lock this is? I’ve searched Amazon but they just look really long and so not suitable for...
  8. phykell

    Security for an External Oak Door

    Hi, I've had a 55mm thick oak door made by my joiner and he's asked me what hardware I want to use. I want to use the best I can find so does anyone have any recommendations? The house is mid-1700s so I don't want to go for anything that's obviously modern - e.g. Banham locks or anything...
  9. S

    How to open door with a shattered spindle follower

    My uPVC patio door handle recently stopped working. When I took the handle off and removed the spindle, I found that the 'follower' (square hole that the spindle goes in to) has shattered. I've attached a photo where you can see that the bottom and right side of the follower has broken off. I...
  10. L

    Multipoint inside door lock change

    Hi all, Im looking to change a door lock. The house we recently bought has a inner and outter door. the issue im having is when the outside door is opened its too big and hits the door handle of the inner door. what im looking to do is remove the lock/handle thats already there with one...
  11. H

    Yale nightlatch unlocks in both directions

    Hello, I recently installed a Yale PBS1 nightlatch. Everything worked as expected, but I wanted to touch up some of the gaps in my chiselling, so I took the lock off the door to do so. When I re-fixed the lock, the bolt now unlocks by turning the handle or key in either direction. Previously...
  12. K

    Nightlatch door lock metal pin?

    Hi all - would really appreciate your advice on this as extensive googling has not helped! A couple of days ago the door wouldn't close behind me (latch sticking out), when I moved the handle this short metal rod fell out of the lower of two holes in the latch itself (picture). The lock seems...
  13. S

    Fitting 3 star euro locks

    Hi, I need to replace some euro locks and it seems that there are new fangled "3 star" ones available that are anti-snap (more accurately: the sacrificial front snaps off and leaves the lock inoperable from outside, but still working from inside). Two questions, for any budding locksmiths: 1)...
  14. Cezar

    Van sliding load door stuck locked.

    Hello all, too long didn't read: I've got problem with sliding door in Citroen Relay that won't open from inside or out after central lock locked them but won't open. No idea what to do now as I can't remove the lock mechanism without opening the door first. full story: I replaced the lock...
  15. C

    Changing euro cylinder with guard

    Hello, Attempting to change over a euro cylinder on a UPVC door. Unable to take out the cylinder after removing the retaining screw. After removing the handles, was greeted with this. No visible way of easily removing the guard from what I can see - does anybody have any experience of dealing...
  16. Buenaventura Durruti

    Long throw lock greater than 70mm?

    Hi, I've over engineered a gate that's about 100mm thick - does anyone make a long throw lock that might fit? I can't find one using Google. I don't want to use a bolt and padlock if I can avoid it, Thanks John
  17. D

    Stuck saracen lock on uPVC window

    We have a window that is stuck closed. It appears (based on the window next to it) to have a Saracen deadlock gearbox with rods that extend directly into the frame (when closed) as opposed to having a roller. The handle will turn and one side of the window will slightly move (1-2mm) when trying...
  18. P

    What is this type of lock called?

    Hello, Can someone help identify the name of this type of lock so I can purchase a replacement. It has BASTA stamped on it. I have uploaded an image of the lock. All help appreciated. Thanks
  19. A

    UPVC multi point lock latch wont spring out fully

    I have KFV single piece multi point lock with 2 hooks, 2 rollers and split spindle. The latch on this mechanism no longer springs out fully and so door wont latch shut. Is it possible to repair just the latch on this mechanism or I'm I going to have to replace the entire piece? The hooks also...
  20. electricsheep

    Multi-point hook stuck

    One of the hook points on my uPVC door appears to have jammed after it was opened (a visitor managed to do it somehow) and whilst the rest of the lock mechanism seems to be working ok, it's stopping me from closing the door over. Does this sound like a full lock replacement job?