1. F

    Combi boiler with 2 showers at once - enough power?

    I am currently using a system boiler (Ideal Mexico Super 2) and water tank, which is about 30 years old. I'm looking to replace this with a Viessmann 100-W (B1KF) 32Kw combi. I was wondering would I be likely to see a significant difference if 2 showers run at once? I'd like to avoid needing to...
  2. eveares

    Is 17p per Kwh expensive for Electricity?

    I am currently paying 17p per Kwh for electricity and to me, that seems rather expensive! Is that the average for the UK these days? I am in the south east if it is any relevance. Regards: Elliott.
  3. eveares

    How much is your annual Electricity usage. Mine is 5,145 kWhs

    Just looked at our electricity usage for the last 12 months, and it is 5,145 kWhs. Just wondering how this compares to others on here? My place is a 4 Bedroom detached dormer bungalow, Two Electric Ovens & Induction Hob, All LED Lighting, UPS protected network equipment/4 PoE IP cams running...
  4. eveares

    Loud bang sound when economy 7 meter switches over.

    My grandparents live a bungalow with modern central heating that has a economy 7/dual tariff meter that according to them is making a loudish bang sound when it switches over at night and in the morning. Note that they do not have any storage heaters or any other high night time loads and only...