leaking boiler

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    Help with small leak from boiler end cap hot water pipe

    Hi, Have used this forum a lot recently but this is my first post as i don't want something small to turn into a bog problem. Hoping someone can help me identify and rectify what needs doing, i have just moved into a new house and the boiler seems fairly new its a combi boiler and worcester...
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    My valiant ecoplus 824 is leaking badly and now dripping thru into kitchen ceiling. I had a plumber out yesterday who said I needed a diverter valve and turned the water off but today I came in had a look and it’s badly dripping still. It’s everywhere How can I turn water off to this boiler so I...
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    Leaking Boiler

    Hi all Happy new year. I woke to find a leaky boiler (not a great start). I found the leak which appears to be coming from a crack in the yellow cap. See attached images. Any ideas what the component is that the yellow cap is attached to? And if i would be able to replace the cap? Or as a...
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    New boiler fitted ..should this pipe be permanently connected ?

    My daughter 5 days ago had a Valiant boiler fitted...she just recently found her towels,sheets etc wet in the cupboard where boiler was fitted..she rang me to tell me,so I went to check the pipe connections and I found what I believe is the DRAINAGE pipe was not fixed permanently (it had pulled...
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    Temp' fix needed for combo valve

    IMG_7644 by MPEJ posted 10 Jun 2017 at 1:56 PMI'm replacing the Alpha CB28 in my house in the near future c.o a re-mortgage. But I need to temporarily stop the four buckets a day's worth of water that is dropping out of a valve on the base. Can someone advise on what this valve is and if/how it...
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    Combi Boiler leaking from filling tube

    Help! I have a Worcester Greenstar cdi classic boiler and it's got water pouring out the filling key tube. I refitted a radiator yesterday that had been off the wall whilst decorating, I bled the radiator and then checked the boiler and it was showing 0 pressure. In the normal way, I inserted...