lime render

  1. J

    Lime plaster crumbling away on internal wall

    Hi guys a merry Christmas to everyone! I recently bought a house, it’s 1905, and the photo attached concerns the inside of a built in wardrobe. The wall is a west-facing external wall, and the two holes shown are so loose you can pick them away with just a fingernail, and it goes all the way...
  2. OllieCR0

    Nailing Hessian into scratch coat to protect it?

    We have some builders currently half-way through lime rendering for us. They've finished scratch coat ... but: -> I think without wetting bricks first -> have nailed hessian to this overnight (into the brick) until temperature consistently back to 5'c from Monday onwards What impact is this...
  3. R

    Lime Mortar / Pointing query

    Hi all - and firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place but hopefully addresses my question! We've recently had a loft conversion done, and as part of this, have put aside a section of the eaves for storage. The builders have plasterboarded out most of the eaves area, but have left the...
  4. T

    External window sill repair (Victorian house)

    Hey all! Looking for some advise, I’m Renovating a small late Victorian terraced house in south London, I fondly call it “humbly built” but the reality is that these were cheap houses quickly thrown up! anyway the living room window sill is in need of some attention. There was a layer of...
  5. P

    Removing plaster from solid brick

    Hi All, Large sections of my bedroom wall (external) had blown plaster. I think that it’s a case of many years of non breathable paint and a modern skim coat had basically suffocated the wall. It’s a lime pointed solid wall, with internal lime render. Anyway, I’ve decided to strip it all off...