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    Cutting new loft hatch

    I'm having to move my loft hatch due to the existing one being directly under a support beam, but I wanted to check I am planning it correctly as the new hatch will go across the joists rather than with them. I am installing trimmers that are double the width of the existing joists(2 pieces of...
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    Fully boarded loft condensation problem

    20210102_095915 by John down south posted 2 Jan 2021 at 10:29 AM20210102_095939 by John down south posted 2 Jan 2021 at 10:29 AM Hi everyone, I had my loft boarded before the summer and noticed it got very hot up there but took no heed from it. Now winter has hit moisture is on the rear and...
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    loft boards and weight

    Hi all, I installed some loft boards in the house a year or so ago, and am now worrying about the weight. Used approximately 12 of screwfixs' boards (pic attached ) in a rough L shape. Some key details: Joists are 600 mm apart Joists are 38mm wide, 125 deep (rough measure) Boards weigh 13kg a...
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    Loft flooring

    Hi all I’m looking to board my loft for additional storage purposes only. Currently there are chipboard panels on top of the joists, with loose insulation just rolled out on top of this. Im not sure if there is much insulation between the joists as these boards are difficult to remove. Any...
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    Strengthen Loft Joists for storage purposes

    Hi. I wanted to check out a recommended solution for strengthening my loft joists before boarding. I have a Victorian terrace; 2 external walls with 2 supporting walls running parallel between them (staircase is in the centre of the house); span from each external wall to each supporting inner...
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    Asbestos in my loft?

    Hi Bought a new house. We have a loft room with storage around the sides. I was keenly about to start boarding it but found an old pipe by the doorway. Anyone know if this is asbestos? Any if it is can I safely remove it? I was considering sealing it in a couple of bin liners and taking to...
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    The attic (erm... loft?) from hell - where to begin

    Hello, I've just moved in to a new house this week. I'm really keen to get all the cardboard boxes with "attic" written on them into the attic, but after having my first peek up there yesterday, I'm not sure the boxes are headed up there as fast as I'd hoped. I've taken some pictures, but they...
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    Diy loft boarding new at this Diy

    Hiya experienced internet world I'm new to all this diy and haven't done much of anything but build ikea monstrosities, im going to be laying some loft boarding down in my attic for basic storage, I've cleared the area of wires and insulation and there are no pipes or lights in the way. But i am...