mains water

  1. W

    Pressure limiter

    Can anyone recommend a pressure limiter to use with a water softener? The instructions say if the pressure is above 5 bar, limit it to 3.5 bar. I've told the plumber several times but he hasn't done it so I plan to buy it and give it to him to fit the next time he visits. Thanks
  2. R

    Bristan tap cartidges failing after 1 year

    Hi, I have a Bristan EasyFit Echo Sink mixer in our utility room: It was first installed about 4 years ago and only 12 months ago my plumber swapped the cartridges having got them free under the warranty because it was...
  3. Y

    Barn Conversion - No Mains Water

    Hi, Hoping somebody on the forum may be able to advise. We would like to buy a barn in Penshurst, Kent - which has planning permission to convert into a 4 bedroom home. The problem is that the water utility main is over 1k/m away and it seems impossible that we would be able to run a new pipe...
  4. L

    Replacing mains water supply pipe

    I need to replace my mains water supply pipe, in my 1949 house, due to the second leak in 3 years. After the first leak the pipe was repaired in two places as the leak wasn't where they though it was. This new leak is near where the first real leak was so the repair may have failed or a new hole...
  5. Paolo M

    Kitchen Mains fed from tank?

    Hi there moved into a new build. Have always wondered why the cold tap in the kitchen seems to feed water that is not very cold (Even when ran for a good few mins) Realised today that when I run the cold tap , a pump beside a tank in the attic activates which makes me think it’s feeding water...
  6. S

    Leaking mains water pipe?

    Hi all we have noticed that the outside wall in our house seems to be quite damp ( my wood moisture meter read 35% , whereas along the wall its 14%) The area is by the main wastepipe from the shower etc so we presumed it was that. But having checked all that we realize this isnt the case. The...