masonry paint

  1. B

    Touching up white paint having replaced windows

    We had our windows replaced. They repaired the damaged render with morter. The house is white and painted a long time ago. I want to touch up the morter with white paint but am worried the new paint will look bright white and look ****. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated
  2. A

    Can i use exterior masonry paint indoors?

    I have some dulux exterior weathershield emulsion paint. Can I use this indoors?
  3. B

    Masonry paint on internal walls

    Im about to start a small project making an office space in a small room/large cupboard under the stairs. The previous owner seemed to have painted the plastered walls with masonary paint. I want a smooth finish on the walls and am wondering how i should go about removing the paint? will it...
  4. bettz1

    Painting Breeze Blocks Garage Wall

    Hi thought i'd set about Painting the inside of the garage white as i've seen a few threads and thought it would brighten up the garage. I've bought a couple of tins of White Deco Aldi Masonry Paint. I've not long started and i've already used 1/2 a tub and i've hardly got anywhere :eek: ...
  5. J

    Masonry paint indoor mistake

    I have rather regretfully painted the walls (OSB) of a garden office with Dulux exterior weather shield masonry paint on the advice it would be fine. I now have a smelly office which is rather annoying. I believe it’s the biocides in the paint that is the smell. I’ve painted over it with an...
  6. S

    Painted Render renotex rollercoat

    Hi We have a shared rendered wall at the back of our house. It is fairly new (year and half ish) but it is v patchy. We along with our neighbours want to paint it. I've contacted the chap that did the render and he thinks is was a standard mix of lime, sand, cement but also has cementone in it...