masonry paint

  1. R

    Eroded sandstone window sills

    Hello, I'm in the middle of repainting our sandstone window sills on our 1910 house, and looking for some advice on what to do about the currently unpainted undersides of the ground floor sills - they are slightly eroded all the way along, plus one end is particularly damaged (see photos). I'm...
  2. A

    Best Masonry paint for a Maritime climate?

    Looking for advice on Masonry paint for a more extreme environment? My Wife and I recently bought a property on Skye in the Scottish islands. It's an 1800's Rendered stone walled cottage in excellent order but we are looking at refreshing the exterior paintwork this year. The main issue is that...
  3. B

    Touching up white paint having replaced windows

    We had our windows replaced. They repaired the damaged render with morter. The house is white and painted a long time ago. I want to touch up the morter with white paint but am worried the new paint will look bright white and look ****. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated
  4. A

    Can i use exterior masonry paint indoors?

    I have some dulux exterior weathershield emulsion paint. Can I use this indoors?
  5. B

    Masonry paint on internal walls

    Im about to start a small project making an office space in a small room/large cupboard under the stairs. The previous owner seemed to have painted the plastered walls with masonary paint. I want a smooth finish on the walls and am wondering how i should go about removing the paint? will it...
  6. bettz1

    Painting Breeze Blocks Garage Wall

    Hi thought i'd set about Painting the inside of the garage white as i've seen a few threads and thought it would brighten up the garage. I've bought a couple of tins of White Deco Aldi Masonry Paint. I've not long started and i've already used 1/2 a tub and i've hardly got anywhere :eek: ...
  7. J

    Masonry paint indoor mistake

    I have rather regretfully painted the walls (OSB) of a garden office with Dulux exterior weather shield masonry paint on the advice it would be fine. I now have a smelly office which is rather annoying. I believe it’s the biocides in the paint that is the smell. I’ve painted over it with an...
  8. S

    Painted Render renotex rollercoat

    Hi We have a shared rendered wall at the back of our house. It is fairly new (year and half ish) but it is v patchy. We along with our neighbours want to paint it. I've contacted the chap that did the render and he thinks is was a standard mix of lime, sand, cement but also has cementone in it...