1. E

    Protecting gas pipe in wall

    I had my boiler relocated in the loft, and to do this the gas fitter installed the 22mm copper pipe in a stud wall (no I did not do it myself). I had already stripped off the plasterboard. Now I'm ready to reboard the wall, but before I do I'd like to give the pipe some mechanical protection...
  2. T

    Boiler Clock not Running

    Glowworm 30ci Combi. The mechanical heating timer clock became intermittent so I bought a replacement on-line. When fitted the replacement one, it did not work at all. I put the original back in and that now doesn't run either. Looking at the back of the clocks it shows the need for 1.2 - 1.6 v...
  3. J

    Ideal ICOS HE24 gas Boiler - sometimes makes a loud noise when stops heating

    Our Ideal ICOS HE24 gas boiler sometimes (about once a day) makes a loud noise when it stops heating, and it sounds mechanical, as in a bang. I'm guessing it's either the fan or the gas valve - probably the fan - perhaps a bad bearing? Are there any known problems of this nature with this...
  4. eveares

    Do only electronic RCD's/RCBO's have functional earths?

    Just wondering if the only reason some RCD's/RCBO's have functional earths is to allow the electronics inside the RCD/RCBO to remain active in the event the incoming neutral is lost or impaired casing a low/absent voltage between L & N. Any other reasons for functional earths? Are RCBO's/RCD's...
  5. I

    Getting my head around Water Softeners

    Water softeners are one of the most confusing things to research on the web in my opinion. People who sell them drop straight into that snake oil selling mode even though they are valid appliances which do have genuine value. I have recently had one installed; a Monarch Midi. I have learned or...