Ideal ICOS HE24 gas Boiler - sometimes makes a loud noise when stops heating

28 Nov 2016
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United Kingdom
Our Ideal ICOS HE24 gas boiler sometimes (about once a day) makes a loud noise when it stops heating, and it sounds mechanical, as in a bang. I'm guessing it's either the fan or the gas valve - probably the fan - perhaps a bad bearing?

Are there any known problems of this nature with this boiler?

Of course I'd like to get it fixed as cheaply as possible by an expert, before something worse occurs.


It is well maintained and serviced annually
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So why not call whoever services it well annually?

Surely they are the best person to repair it?

Of course, but my question

"Are there any known problems of this nature with this boiler?"

might save them some time, or they might not want the job.
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Well, boiler engineers work is to repair faulty boilers so I don't see why any would not want tohe job, particularly if they also service your boiler well regularly as you say.

How on earth do you expect that guesses from a forum would ever help a competent engineer at the boiler?

Or are you really hoping that you could just replace the faulty flux capacitor yourself when you are not gas registered?


PS Any customer who tries to tell me what a fault diagnosis is will be unlikely to get me to fix it for them.

Even had a big argument with one lady once who called me to replace the PCB. She backed down and I replaced the faulty pump thus saving her the £133 cost of an unnecessary PCB.
Could be a number of issues i.e. Is there a bypass on system, is the noise only when it's been running and reaching temp, usually if pump or fan it's noise all the time etc. Best thing to do is video the issue on your phone then either call a local engineer or call ideal as a fixed price repair would be better long term on these nasty evil boilers, good luck
Don't let that Shambolic fellow hear you say that about that make!

They provide engineers with a lot of work!
Jason, it is a nasty boiler to those who fail to understand how this boiler functions and comes apart. I would work on this model day in day out. Cracking boiler
Dp I worked for ideal for nearly 2 years so yes I no the boiler very well! Very straightforward but very poor product!! You enjoying cracking one out on them
@Agile: Wind your neck in chummy. I was asking about any known issues with the boiler for this type of problem, I was not asking for guesses.
@Hason Thanks. The problem occurs when the boiler has been heating, then stops.
Asking Ideal for a fixed price seems reasonable, if they do such a thing.
Ideal will only do a fixed price repair if it is the boiler. Your service guy will fix it if its the boiler or associated parts. Your call.
Ideal will charge about £300 whatever the problem is.

An independent is likely to charge a lot less in this case because we know that all the major components are working.

"I was asking about any known issues with the boiler for this type of problem, I was not asking for guesses."

All suggestions from anyone not at the boiler will be guesses as to what your particular boiler's problem might be.

There are many well known issues with that model hence the comments above that they are nasty and evil!

And it is quite likely to be nothing inside the boiler too!

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