1. P

    Smell around boiler only when off

    We’ve got a Logic Combi boiler and have had issues with the water not properly heating - radiators fine, taps not fully heating up - and we’ve got a good engineering working on it. Used him a lot in the past and he’s always done us right with a good reputation locally. But, we’ve noticed in the...
  2. M

    Which way is off for this gas tap?

    Isolating a central heating boiler but the gas is already off. If you were a betting person, is this tap off or on? It rotates 90 degrees.
  3. L

    smell of gas from boiler vent

    Hello everyone. I've recently moved into a flat and it has a vokera boiler. We've noticed the smell of gas whenever we switch on water, and I've noticed it from another flat as well. We had a boiler check and the engineer didn't find anything wrong or concerning but did not comment on why I'd...
  4. JD2012

    Where can I get replacement Studs for my Gas Meter Box?

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement studs for my Gas Central Heating Box? I was cleaning it and noticed there is only one stud holding it to the wall. The other one seems to have vanished. I think its a mk 2 here is a picture of it.
  5. JD2012

    Is it Legal to Paint Outside Gas Box?

    Is it Legal to Paint Outside Gas Box? the box outside that has your Gas Meter. I have seen people do it but was just wondering if anyone knows as mine is quite dirty. I own the house. Thanks :)
  6. J

    Kink in gas pipe

    Plumber noticed a kink in the lead pipe bend coming from the gas meter and suggested it will be a problem. It’s a very old lead pipe and been like that for a long time I reckon. Would it concern anyone?
  7. G

    Vokera gas boiler possible boiler/controls issue

    Hoping someone familiar with Vokera controls and boilers can help. I have a Vokera Mynute i20 gas boiler and recently noticed that some of the time the room thermostat is calling for heat but the boiler doesn't come on. It doesn't happen all the time just intermittently, any idea what the...
  8. G

    Gas fire to electric stove

    Hi, looking for some guidance, this might be long because I don’t know if it makes sense! We had an old gas fire in our 70’s build house which we had removed (and capped off by a gas safe engineer), and were left with an ugly hole in the chimney breast. In the chimney breast is a metal...
  9. P

    VIDEO: Is this portable gas heater operating safely?

    I got the gas fire out of the garage ready for winter and the flames seem to be reaching higher than I remember, beyond the fireproof material and into the metal surround. Is this normal, and would a new gas bottle remedy it as it is almost empty? Is it a fire and carbon monoxide threat? VIDEO...
  10. alarmbenjy

    Double anaconda on the Meter? GAS Boiler Service.

    Just had the annual boiler service and the engineers report has come from the cover company stating we need to have remedial work completed to prevent any potential claims in the future being declined on our policy. Remedial work required: double anaconda on the meter. I presume this means the...
  11. A

    Don’t recognise this gas connector behind oven?

    Hello all, I couldn’t find this anywhere in the forum. I’ve just moved house and there’s an empty space in the kitchen where a range cooker would go. The house has a boiler too. I’ve not seen a gas line fixture that looks like this before, had the previous resident had it cut and sealed off or...
  12. S

    Water differential

    Hi there, currently doing my bepec sheets for my portfolio and it asks what the water at differential should be in degrees. The MIs for ideal logic C30 say 35 degrees. Is this just a case of taking the temperature of the hot tap, turning off the boiler and then checking the cold through the...
  13. B

    Electrolux dryer won’t turn on

    I have an Electrolux gas dryer model EIGD5OLINO (2013) that won’t turn on. The display blinks once or twice but then nothing. When I open the dryer door, the interior light will go on and then go off when the door is closed so that makes me think it is not the door contact switch. The issue...
  14. C

    Capping off Gas Supply

    Hi all, I have a gas pipe which was capped off when our gas fire was removed many years ago. It's recently starting leaking a bit.. so I had a gas engineer round to seal/re-cap it somehow (don't worry the gas is completely off now so all safe!) Anyway the gas guy told me that the pipe has been...
  15. K

    Storage heater bills are incredibly high!

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me with any useful advice which is easy to follow. I live in a one bed flat and use minimal energy (at work, socializing, dining out) I dont leave lights on etc when away. Have no PC equipment etc running. Have all other stuff turned off except fridge, one...
  16. J

    New Boiler system sending bills sky high. Help with right setting

    Less than a year now. Got new plumbing system with Atag I40s system boiler with unvented cylinder 210l. Compared to the previous old vented system the gas bill seems to have double out. Plumber set up hotwater to 65° and heating to 70° Can you please advise if the hotwater can be keep lower...
  17. L

    Vaillant Ecotec Plus 418 - Heating Issues (Constant Anti Cycling?)

    Hi All, Looking for some advice please! Not sure if this could be a DIY Home fix or if I need to call an engineer. I have a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 418, which appears fine on the hot water side and is able to maintain temperature however when I call for heating, initially it seems to go for a...
  18. J

    Airbrick replacement

    Hi, just signed up and wondering if anyone here can help with this one… We live in a 1920s solid-walled house (red brick, cement rendered) that has a tendency towards dampness in the basement. Generally it’s all in check but we do get the odd issue here or there. When we moved in we had gas...
  19. K

    Gas pipe or water pipe?

    Hi Everyone We are currently renovating an old cottage and I have come across a pipe that partially sticks out of the wall. I am confident working with water pipes and was hoping to cut it back and cap it off before we plaster and put the skirting boards on. However it has occurred to me that it...
  20. M

    Valiant ecoTECH plus 825 boiler flue

    Have family members currently putting up a conservatory for me. Last week I noticed the boiler flue inside the conservatory. When I queried it, they told me they were putting attachments on so it comes out of the side.... I have queried 2 gas engineers who haven't been very helpful. Just...