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    Megaflow, water mains split direct and to the kitchen

    Hi experts, Need your advice/opinions. after a flood (unrelated to mega flow) contractors re-install the mega flow system into our loft conversion. its seem ok.. BUT after the gargles last year and this year a few times, which I fix it with by Recharging, I realized today when I switch off...

    2 x Combi Boilers or Combi Boiler with Mega flow?

    Hi All, I'm a novice on plumbing but recently I've made changes to my property and now it has 12 radiator heating with 3 shower bathrooms. As suggeted I went with New more powerful Combi Boiler with 250l mega flow system to support 3 showers at some time (incase) but am struggling with another...
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    Megaflow or Unvented

    Hi There Folks I am looking to replace my current unvented system with a Megaflow type system however one of the plumbers that came to look at the job has told me that we don't have enough pressure to run more that one shower with a Megaflow which is something that's important to us with 3...
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    Rising main question

    Hello all Do you think it is likely that the 15mm rising main in our 1950s-era house would be 15mm pipe all the way back to the water meter at the end of the driveway, or would it be a larger bore pipe, and only step down to 15mm where it entered the house? Background: Following a home...
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    Water pressure drop to loft with unvented cylinder

    Hi all. We are having trouble with water pressure from our unvented hot water cylinder tank (a.k.a megaflo/megaflow). Over time, the pressure has reduced so much that we can't get any decent flow rate from the taps in the loft. Ground floor and first floor are very powerful as you can see on the...