1. Rob broom

    Mortar mix for Ridge Tiles and Verge's

    Hi there. Can anyone give me any tips on installing Rounded Ridge tiles to my new build please? I've heard that its better to use sharp sand. Can anyone confirm the mortar mix ratio and any additives? How do you pack underneath the gaps/joins to ensure mortar doesn't drop endlessly onto the...
  2. D

    Ridge tile (Marley Modern) - correct ration mortar mix? How much mortar?

    Are ridge tiles supposed to be bedded on mortar along the sides or is just the vertical bit at the ends supposed to be grouted? I do have some on mortar along the long sides, at one end of the house but I suspect that was to bring them up level with the rest. Also, should so much mortar be used...
  3. J

    is this ballast or Gravel concrete mix? I had to dig a trench and now need to fill back

    As per attached photos. Do you reckon this is a mix of Gravel 20mm or just ballast? I would need to match the mix to back fill a trench. Thanks