mixer taps

  1. C

    Cold water Crossover problem?

    I have a Megaflo cylinder which is probably 20-25 yrs old. I recharge the air gap around every 6 months. All my taps and showers are direct-fed mixers. Thought I might have a problem when hot water from cylinder (pipes there are both hot) is coming out of mixer taps either cool, warm, sometimes...
  2. bettz1

    Is this do able?

    We've bought the same ideal standard taps but with a shower attachment. Upon taking off the panel it's quite tight behind. Am I going to be able to change the tap? Is it just going to be a case of using an adjustable spanner and loosening the 2 joints. Also what tools would be best...
  3. DJB1959

    Mixer tap - unable to access

    My tenant reported that he was unable to turn off the hot water on the mixer tap so was having to use the stopcock each time. I was hoping I could open it up to look inside but the unit is secured by a tiny nut that I have no idea how to get off (see photo). Does anyone know if there is a...
  4. S

    Damaged mixer tap - should I fix or replace?

    Hi all, I have an old mixer tap. A nut around the central spout has a chunk missing from it, but I've been ignoring that since the tap will be replaced when the whole kitchen is refitted in a few months. However, when turning the spout today I felt something 'give', and it bent at a slight...
  5. J

    Bath hot tap flow

    Hi, hoping someone can make sense of my problem and point me in the right direction. The hot tap flow on my bath mixer increases if I turn on the bathroom sink hot water tap, close the sink tap and flow decreases again. The bath tap supply comes straight from the combi boiler and the sink taps...
  6. S

    Tap Cartridges - Impossible situation

    Please take a look at the pics first. Mixer Swivel Taps - Time to change cartridges - They're 15 years old - need help. The top casing & main body of each cartridge (two different types) has come off (upstairs bathroom - downstairs bathroom) - but the base is stuck in each of them - I can't...
  7. andyr123

    Sink Mixer taps when using with a Header tank in loft

    I used to hear years ago that the UK and Ireland used to have 'seperate' hot and cold taps at the sink for a valid good reason , that it was by law (water laws) so that the water mains (cold) was seperate from the (hot water system) coming from the storage tank up in the loft. citing that the...